Hasbro Shows Cutie Mark Crew Series 6 Figures
Hasbro is on a roll with Cutie Mark Crew announcements and releases this month! After the listing for series 5 blind packs and two multi-packs we're already seeing official information and photos on the 6th series of blind packs on the My Little Pony website. This brand new series will feature similar gradient finishes as the 5th series and all ponies come with fashion-themed accessories like skirts, shoes, hats and pearl necklaces.
No details on the in-store release has been given so far, but seeing as this info is already up on Hasbro's own sites, we expect this set to be available not too far in the 3rd quarter of this year. Possible only weeks after the first findings of the 5th series.

Include in this wave of Cutie Mark Crew blind packs (* = first release characters):

Rainbowfied Starlight Glimmer (Chase)
- Starlight Glimmer
Rainbow Glitter
- Apple Bloom
- Applejack
- Pinkie Pie
- Rarity
Rainbow Shoes
- Diamond Tiara*
- Fluttershy
- Rainbow Dash
- Sunset Shimmer EqG
- Shining Armor
- Twilight Sparkle Seapony
Rainbow Dresses
- Fluttershy Seapony
- Photo Finish EqG
- Pinkie Pie EqG
- Pinkie Pie Seapony
- Princess Cadance
- Rarity EqG
Rainbow Accessories
- Applejack EqG
- Lyra Heartstrings
- Rainbow Dash Seapony
- Rarity Seapony
- Scootaloo*
- Twilight Sparkle
- Twilight Sparkle EqG

The checklist for all figures is already available on the Hasbro website. But if you'd like to keep track of your ponies, with a checklist, wishlist and personal notes right on your PC, phone and tablet, why not check out our Cutie Mark Crew database? All series and special sets are available right now!


  1. Oh wow!, More Cutie Mark Crew!! ^.^
    No Fluttershy Equestria Girl, well, no buy!

    just kidding, :p

    Ok, waiting for more!! ^.^

  2. Apart from scoot and tiara these are not even new! Hasbro is this lazy? A new mold of these should not cost much to make..

  3. Are the Equestria Girls all topless?!?! lol!!

  4. Awesome I got to get some of these mini ponies

  5. Tbh i wish they had a new mold for photo finish, hasbro just keeps getting lazier and lazier