Better Look at Kotobukiya Rainbow Dash From NYCCBetter Look at Kotobukiya Rainbow Dash From NYCC
Even though the ink is still wet on our announcement post of the Rainbow Dash bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya we can share more info on her with you! As promised Kotobukiya showed the prototype statue at the New York Comic Con, and thanks to a Diana we can now have a look at the display they had over there.

As seen Rainbow Dash is still in prototype phase, so no coloring yet, but we do see an expected release date of August 2020. And while the price is still TBD, the others were all released with an MSRP of $99.99, so we expect RD to share the same price tag. More information on the figures, including listings, can be found in our previous post.
Aside from Rainbow Dash we also see a planned t-shirt with a print of the mane 6 bishoujo statues and ponies combined. No further information was shared about the shirt, but since this was shown on a US-based convention, it can be assumed that the release will not be limited to just Japan.
Big thanks to Diana for sharing the photos and video with us!


  1. The shirt was con-exclusive to purchase there.

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    2. Here the announcement of the NYCC exclusive tees:

  2. This is so cool!, love this new statues. 🖤