McDonald's Re-Releases 1998 Happy Meal G2 Pony
Whereas Basic Fun skipped the second generation of My Little Pony in their retro line of ponies (so far), we got surprise news from McDonald's this week that they are filling in that gap! As part of their 40 years anniversary of the Happy Meal they are re-releasing 17 classic toys from Happy Meals throughout the ages. One of which is the G2 Light Heart pony that was originally released in 1998.

Regarding the colors and details this pony is exactly like its 21-year-old original, including the brushable tail. The only difference is the hollow legs which have been added on this re-release.

If you'd like to add this pony to your collection you should be quick: these toys are subject to availability and are only included in Happy Meals between today (Nov 7th) and next Monday (Nov 11th). McDonald's location in at least the US and The Netherlands will offer this line of toys, it's unsure which other countries include this promotion as well.
Update: The happy meal figures are packaged as blind bags, and according to multiple confirmations #12 is the Light Heart pony. (Thanks mylittleponyukcollector)

Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!


  1. The 1998 Happy Meal set holds a special place in my heart- it's one of only a few sets I've completed! Not only that, but the Ivy from this set was the very first My Little Pony I owned, and I still have her proudly displayed with the other two.
    Perhaps I'm biased, but I would have rather seen Ivy remade- her thermal gimmick is pretty fragile. I never knew about it until I started collecting since I was just a toddler when I got mine. Since then, I check every one I come across, but I have yet to find one that still works.
    Perhaps they chose Light Heart for budget reasons; since she doesn't require tiny gemstones (Sundance's eyes) or special pigments (Ivy's symbol), her gimmick (turning head) seems cheaper to produce. I mean, they already had to hollow out the poor thing's legs to make it work! It seems they need to cut all the corners they can.
    There are a few more differences, however. Compared to my original, her tail seems a bit thinner and lacks yellow (and yes, it IS yellow and not orange in her tail). The colors seem colder on the new one, but it could be the lighting in the photograph. On a positive note, the paint application looks neater, and her head sits more nicely on her body. My '98 original has a bit of a gap at her neck, but it could totally be her age. I wonder if her head will turn a bit less loosely; I'd like to see it. I might pick her up this weekend and see what she's like.