Fluttershy & Angel Magazine Figures Bundled With April Issue
The series of magazine figures by Egmont keeps on going, and the April issue of 2020 will contain a new Fluttershy figure with Angel in a basket! Well, sort of Angel, as there is a 50/50 chance you're getting a pink rabbit instead of white. On the cover art of the packaging she's clearly holding Angel, so we'll be calling her that :)
The figure has already been spotted with Russian magazines, but expect this Easter-themed set of figures to be bundled with more releases around Europe in the next week or two.
If you're interested in what all the other magazine figures look like, then you might be interested in the Egmont section of our Other Figures Database!

Thanks to Djudi & Tomo for the photos! (Additional photos of the white version are welcome!)

Fluttershy & Angel Magazine Figures Bundled With April Issue


  1. That... doesn't look anything like Angel.
    I was hoping now that they seemingly ran out of ideas and are repeating the same figures (we just got Rainbow Dash and Rarity again) they might re-release some that we never got, like Discord...

    1. Yes, but it was not released in Hungary. Every second magazine here comes with some terrible knick-knack instead of a figure, and that one was like it.

  2. Does anyone have a picture of the variant with pink basket?

  3. I found the pink basket all over the place but can't find the white version!