Big MLP Merch Database Update Now Available!
Today we proudly present the latest update for the MLP Merch database! It took us a bit more time than we initially expected, but with the current global situation we found more available time to work on make the database a better and faster experience.
In this post we'll share all the new and improved stuff, and hope that you can enjoy the databases now more than ever!

What's New

New Databases & Additions
Right from the start you'll notice that the database contains even more categories now! New are G3 Ponyville figures in the G3 section, a new section for G4.5 Blind Bags & Brushables and an all-new section for other toylines. In that last category we'll add toylines loosely tied to My Little Pony that are too small for their own website. We start this category with Hasbro's Fairy Tails, that ran in 1986-1987.

Search by Letter
Pages that categorize all ponies/characters by name tend to be a bit long and hard to navigate. That's why we've improved these pages to be split by letter, with the option to quickly jump to a latter from the top of the page.

G3 Characteristics
In line with our G1, G2 and G4 database we've also given the G3 database & G3.5 database an update to include the color, gimmick, pose and species and make these searchable. This also make it possible to use the Find My Pony page for G3/G3.5 ponies too.

What's Improved

G1 Database Merge
After feedback and multiple re-design thoughts we've finally been able to fully merge the G1 and (formerly) G1 Nirvana databases into a complete overview of G1 ponies, regardless of their origin. Part of this update was renaming sets, adding release years and a lot of small additions and fixes. More info on the choices we've made can be found in this post.

Folding Checklist/Wishlist
We've gotten numerous requests over the past months to improve loading speeds of checklists and wishlists that grew in size and, especially on mobile pones, too long to load. In order to tackle this we've added category folding to the checklist and wishlist so that the page can load significantly faster than before. Simply click on the name of a category and the items pop-up, without delaying the page.

Improved Speed
Aside from the loading times of the lists, we've also noted that there were some delays on larger pages for people who logged in (because we need to make sure what items are in your checklist or wishlist). With this update the loading of these pages has been improve greatly, making larger pages load faster than ever before.
Also part of this is a new method of loading images while you scroll. We use this to make sure that images that are all the way at the bottom of a page aren't loaded when you're looking at the top. We've used this technique (called lazy loading) before, but the new method proved to be faster and more reliable.

Page Splitting
Another improve for larger pages is the readability of them. What we've added is, like some of the database start pages, various splittings in those pages based on the year/series/set to group those together. This should make it easier to identify sets and browse your way through these pages.

As always we're very happy that you're using our database and hope that you're as excited about these updates and additions as we are. If there's anything that prevents you from fully enjoying the databases, then please don't hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts.

This update couldn't have been possible with the help of our testers, the MLP community and people like you! Specifically we'd like to thank everyone who voluntarily joined the testing team early for their time and feedback, all the image donors and the following websites for providing information and insights that we've used to compile the updates:
- MLP Arena
- My Little Wiki
- MLP Scrapbook
- Strawberry Reef
- MLP Land
- My Little Pony Accessories 
- Mexican Pony Paradise
- Ponylande
- My Little Pony Spain
- Ma Petite Collection


  1. Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Where is the hot air balloon database ��������

  3. It looks great, but why were so many things removed from the G1 Retro section?

    1. Appologies, we've mixed up two lists while updating the G1 section. All figures should now be back online :)

  4. Candyfloss.FairyMay 06, 2020 10:03 AM

    OH MY GOSH thank you!!! I've needed a ponyville figures database (G3) for years upon years <3 So excited about this update!

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  6. Ossie, will you also be including My Little Puppy/Kitty/Bunny in the "other toylines" some time?
    Wiki links:

    1. Those would certainly be logical next additions to the other toylines section! For now we'll focus on our other sites first to give those an update, but afterwards these might be the first to be added.
      Do you perhaps have a personal collection of them? We could use photos! :)

  7. Thank you for the update! Could you please also add the HQG1C's?

    I've also noticed a few alternate versions are missing and I could provide some photos of ponies that don't have one yet if you're interested, once I have that light box.

    1. You're welcome! ^^
      Regarding the HQG1C, we sadly can't add these as they're not officially licensed. That's why the Basic Fun retro figures are in the database, but HQG1C are not.
      And if you have photos of ponies/variants we'd be very happy to add them to our database!

    2. Oh, that's a pity, but I understand of course.

      Ok, I'll take photos of my ponies that don't have a photo yet then. Do you have specific requirements concerning max. resolution? Do you only need one photo per pony (DS), or several from different angles?

    3. Just one DS photo is enough, as long as the pony is in frame of the photo it's usually just fine ^^
      And regarding resolution we don't really have a specific minimum. Anything above 800x800 will do the trick just fine. I think resolutions larger than 1600 or 2000 in width will be auto-scaled, so no need to take pictures with absurd high resolutions :)

    4. Ok, perfect, thanks. I take photos with my full-frame DSLR so resolution will be absurdly high ;-). I'll resize them to 50% and try if I can send them this way, as they will be too big to send via-email in original size anyway.

  8. Thank you very much for your hard work! Now I can add all my Ponyville figures to the checklist =)