My Little Pony Pony Pet Friends Blind Bag Set
A new Reveal the Magic Blind Bag set has been spotted at Toys'R'Us Canada. This brand new set is called the Pony Pet Friends Set and it comes with a total of 12 figures. Each member of the mane six is present alongside their pets: Angel, Gummy,  Opalescence, Owlicious, Tank and Winona. Each pet also comes with a horn just like their potion blind bags counterparts. All Blind Bags are also translucent.

The set is available for $29.99 CAD. If you spot this set somewhere else let us know!
Thanks to Becky for the heads up!


  1. This unicorn themed line has gone on LOOOONG ENOUGH!! I'm tired of the translucent figures too. Change it up Hasbro.

  2. I hope the United States gets this my little pony blind bag set

  3. I'm surprised that Hasbro still has not learned that people are tired of the endless re-releases of blindbags in transparent and/or glitter variants.

  4. They had to make this translucent, dammit. I want the original ones. I think Angel never even got a figure, no?

    1. Angel had a figure in the 1st series of the potion blind bag figures a few months ago.

  5. I hope this set comes to the United States soon
    I love the translucent ponys

  6. 30 canadian dollars for 12 blind bag ponies is a little redeculous in my book :P id pay half that for US dollars