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Smashin' Fashion & Best Hair Day Pre-Orders + Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! It's been quite a ride the past months, and we hope 2021 will be a healthy year for everyone. There has been a lot of negativity, but for us personally we've also had our share of positive and life-changing moments. Here on MLP Merch we're going to continue for another year of pony merch, and are wondering what's going to happen in May with the NY Toy Fair, which is normally the peak of new announcements.

Because the event is a couple of months later than the regular week in February, we wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro is going to host an online presentation around that time and give a sneak-peak of what we can expect in the Spring 2021. Especially when the new movie and generation is on the horizon!

But first, let's look at some of the new toys that have already been announced and are now up for pre-order: Best Hair Day Princess Cadance and the much discussed anthro-poseable Smashin' Fashion ponies.

They're now all listed on Amazon and have release dates in January and February. Prices are set at $7.99 for the Smashin' Fashion ponies singles, $19.99 for the 2-pack and Princess Celestia is $14.99.
Thanks to SLPhotos for the heads-up!

The 5" Princess Cadance figure comes with her iconic multi-color hair and 17 accessories to decorate it, including a crown, hair clips and extensions. Her release date is set for mid January.

Get My Little Pony Best Hair Day Princess Cadance on Amazon >

We've seen a lot of comments on social media after we posted these! The anthro poses from G3.5 are back with these Smashin' Fashion figures, but you can also still place them on 4 legs thanks to their articulation. They all come with 2 dresses each and several accessories. One of these accessories is hidden in a bag, which you need to smash in order to reveal the contents! Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are expected to ship in January, while Sunset Shimmer will ship early in February.

Get My Little Pony Smashin' Fashion Rainbow Dash on Amazon >
Get My Little Pony Smashin' Fashion Sunset Shimmer on Amazon >
Get My Little Pony Smashin' Fashion Twilight Sparkle on Amazon >

And finally we have the Smashin' Fashion 2-pack with DJ Pon-3 and Pinkie Pie. They come with a total of 10 dresses and 20 other accessories, of which 4 are hidden in the smashing bags. Their release date is also in January.

Get My Little Pony Smashin' Fashion Party 2-Pack on Amazon >

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  1. Happy new year to you too! I am looking forward to reading any news you post this year. Let's hope it will be a good one!