Store Finds Plus: A Closer Look at Secret Rings, McDonald's & Smashin' Fashion

We received so many updates and submits in response to the previous store finds post, that we decided to do a quick follow-up! In this Store Finds "Plus" we take a closer look at the McDonald's figures, Secret Rings and look at more stuff that was released at Target.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

A Closer Look at the Secret Rings

Since the Secret Rings feature a whole new style of figures, it's a great set to take a closer look at. With thanks to Alicia we can see what these figures look like in real-life, both hidden and revealed.
(Thanks to Alicia)

A Closer Look at McDonald's Happy Meal Applejack

In a very short notice we learned about the release of new Happy Meal toys, and after some confusion we got the confirmation that in Saudi Arabia the figures now available. For this post we can take a look at what the Applejack figure looks like. She might be a region-exclusive, as another local McDonald's announcement showed Fluttershy instead of Applejack.
In the photos you can also see her size compared to a regular brushable.
(Thanks to minty horn)

Best Hair Day Princess Cadance & Smashin' Fashion Two-Pack

What we missed to report last time, is that at Target you can now also find the Best Hair Day Princess Cadance figures and the DJ Pon-3 & Pinkie Pie Smashin' Fashion two-pack. Both sets have been listed on Amazon for some time, but this is the first in-store release we heard of.
(Thanks to Alex)

Pony Pet Friends on Amazon

Back in July (yes, it's been a while!) we reported on a brand new set called Pony Pet Friends that was found at Toys"R"Us in Canada. Now, this set is finally available on Amazon, and possibly in US-based stores too. You can get the set here for $19.99.
(Thanks to Samantha)

More Smashin' Fashion Color Switch

The Twilight Sparkle figure isn't the only with a color-swap! Rainbow Dash and Sunset Shimmer are too featured with at least two different dress and accessory color.
(Thanks to SLPhotos)


  1. I want the g4.5 blind bag set I'm definitely looking on Amazon
    This week and I'm adding it to my Amazon wish list.

  2. Secret Rings codes:
    03171: Applejack
    03181: Sweet Sugar Pop
    03191: Bright Sun
    03211: Rarity
    03221: Rainbow Dash
    03231: Twilight Sparkle

    Sadly these 6 were the only unique codes at my Target, so I'll have to go back later to find more.

  3. 03321 Twilight Sparkle (Toys' r'' Us) Singapore

  4. 03351 : Magic Mimics