Store Finds: Pony Friends, H&M, Super Sled & More

Time for another store finds post! We're still waiting for detail information on the first batch of G5 figures and merch, but we have plenty of news on G4 releases. This includes updates on both waves of Pony Friends figures, a new line-up of My Little Pony clothes at H&M and a Twilight Sparkle kite!?

If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Pony Friends Wave 1 at Five Below

Back in December we wrote about a first wave of 'budget' G4.5 Pony Friends figures that surfaced online. It took a few months, but we finally have a confirmation of the availability in the US: Five Below has these figures in stock right now and as far as our information goes they skipped regular retailers (like Target and Walmart) completely.
They're on the $5 shelve, and while this is a budget store, that price-level is higher than the ~$3,70 USD price in Singapore.
(Thanks to Nimrodel, Victor & Punished Strobe)

Germany - Pony Friends Wave 2 (Possibly)

We also posted about the availability of the second wave of Pony Friends (basic) figures at Toys"R"Us Singapore. Apparently the jump to Europe was made quickly and these have been spotted in Germany. (Thanks to Andreas)

US - Twilight Sparkle Super Sled

When I first saw this in our inbox I thought it was a snow sled, but I was wrong! This Super Sled is actually a kite, and not a small one either with a span width of 32". The visible side of the kite is decorated with a pretty Pony Life Twilight Sparkle design, and it's advertised as being frameless, so no assembly required.
(Thanks to Alex)

Worldwide - New My Little Pony Line at H&M

In H&M fashion stores and web shops around Europe and in the US you can now find a new line of My Little Pony clothing and accessories. H&M released several My Little Pony themed products before, so we aren't entirely sure if the full line-up is new.
For this 2021 release they included both G1 and G4 designs shirts, pajamas, sweaters, a dress, pair of shoes and underwear. But there is one big caveat: the G1 products are in adult sizes, and all G4 products are only available in kids sizes.
(Thanks to Ayu)

US & Canada - Imagine Ink Game Book

Several book stores in the US & Canada are now selling this Pony Life-themed Imagine Ink mess-free game book. I remember books like this from my childhood, and didn't even know they're still around! With special markers you can make drawings appear 'like magic' as well as play games and solve puzzles. In the US, including Amazon and Books a Million, the book is available for $6.99 and in Canada for $7.99 (Toys"R"Us).
(Thanks to Broppy Fan & Victor)

Online - Funko Pop G1 Keychains

Last time we wrote about the G1 Funko Pop figures, but we forgot to mention the keychains! You can get these at basically all places that also sell the regular Funko Pop figures, as well as on Amazon: Blossom & Cotton Candy.
(Thanks to Victor)


  1. I'm going to get them budget friendly pony toys at five below next month I want gusty and rarity

  2. Hi, I just got some of the Pony Friends from Five Below. They actually rang up as $3.25 each for me.

    1. I’m so happy that the budget ponies are finally out!!! I really want to get Fizzy and Gusty, and possibly Sunset Shimmer and Cadence since their under five dollars lol
      I think I may repaint a few of them into my style and maybe try an experiment with taking off the molded hair.(It’s a very nice sculpt, but I tend to lean more towards brushable hair, so I think I’ll try and use some brushed acrylic hair instead lol)
      Who are you guys excited for?:)

  3. Hey, I’m sorry everyone but my comment seems to have glitched out a bit and it’s appearing three times on my screen. I’m sorry, I did not mean to spam lol, but I still want to hear your guy’s wish lists for those budget ponies lol

    1. Do you know how to remove the molded hair? I picked these up for modding!

  4. I'm thinking about getting Fizzy and Gusty because I love that they made some 4.5 versions of gen 1 ponies :)

  5. I’m a big fan of all the generations (yes, even the undeniable creep show that is G3.5 lol) and when I saw these and the crystal blind bags I swear I nearly had a heart attack! I’m glad you found ones that you wanted!

  6. I thought they were prototypes, cadence looks nothing like herself!

  7. I got Fizzleshake from a pony friend in the mail a while back!