Hallmark 2021 Keepsake Ornament Revealed: Powder

Hallmark is keeping up a tradition to release a new keepsake ornament of a G1 pony every year since 2017. This year is no exception, and they announced the new pony this week: Powder!

She will be the second unicorn in the series, has a pearly mane and tail and comes packed in the traditional red keepsake box. Powder stands about 3" tall and will cost $15.99. Though, you will need to have some patience, as she will be released on July 10, and pre-orders are not available at the moment.

Thanks to Jessie for the heads-up!

My Little Pony fans will love to reminisce about their fun-loving unicorn friend with this sweet Christmas tree ornament. The purple pony boasts a pearly white mane streaked with red and snowflakes stamped on her hind quarter. Imagine her frolicking in the snow when you hang this vintage-toy-styled decoration each year.
  • Artist crafted by Emma Leturgez-Smith, this Keepsake Ornament comes pre-packaged in a box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Dated 2021 in copyright.
  • Plastic Christmas tree ornament measures 1.13" W x 3.02" H x 2.77" D.
Hallmark 2021 Keepsake Ornament Revealed: PowderHallmark 2021 Keepsake Ornament Revealed: Powder


  1. Oh my FREAKING GOSH THIS MAKES ME FAR HAPPIER THAN IT REALISTICALLY SHOULD! Powder is one of my favorites, and I was actually waiting for her to get a Basic Fun repro and I was so sad that she was cut from the line. But great job HallMark!!!! You did my girl right! I want this so bad and I don’t even buy ornaments!!!!!

  2. I really need to remember to tap into buying this soon....

  3. ALL the Powders in stores have a broken leg at the same position, which obviously happenended in the company because it was glued back on more or less good before sending them to the sales shops. How can this happen? Completely non-understandable. Be sure to check yours too.