Loungefly Teases New My Little Pony Range

Over on their Instagram page, Loungefly just teased the coming of a new My Little Pony line-up. The image shows a colorful Starshine backpack concept, and while we've seen Starshine feature on Loungefly items in the past, this is a brand new version.

Much isn't revealed yet, but judging by the announcement for a "nostalgic new collab", we expect to see a full range of G1-themed items. Besides backpacks they also often release pencil cases, purses and enamel pins for brand collaborations. We hope to learn more about the full range soon, and will of course share any updates here!

Thanks to cotton_candy_kittens for the heads-up!


  1. I saw the headline and got excited but alas it's G1 :/

  2. Time to save up for both the backpack and a purse (LF backpacks are around $80AUD on average ;-;)

  3. So cute. I ordered the backpack !

  4. Is it availible yet? I either need an amazon link to find it... or just on the website!