Hasbro Used Blind Bag Molds Outside of MLP Brand

Alright time for a short blog outside of what we normally post. This isn't about official MLP releases, nor is it about fakes, but sort of something in between?
It didn't catch our attention, but last year Hasbro released a new version of Monopoly Junior: Unicorn Edition. While that is normally something that won't be featured on our blog anyway, but there's an interesting twist when looking at the included figures. Yes, those are re-used G4.5 blind bag figures!
(Thanks to decismuchjuvenile for the heads-up)

According to the box these are called Unibunny, Magic Puppy, Turtlecorn, and Unicorn. But we know them better as the G4.5 Angel, Winona, Tank & Lyra blind bag figures. They're included with color combinations not available within the blind bag wave, and are most likely from a separate production run than the My Little Pony figures.

And while this version of Monopoly Junior was released about a year ago, we still think it was worth it to post about it here. We guess that at some points, these figures are going to be found at thrift stores or eBay, and some might question whether these are legitimate figures.
Well, if you read this in the future: they are released by Hasbro, but aren't official My Little Pony figures. For that reason we also won't included them in the database.

If you do like the figures, know what the game is still available on Amazon.


  1. It's always fun to see reused molds! I sometimes wonder if any of the mainline pony molds get reused at Hasbro or because of licensing they don't?

  2. What’s interesting is how this reuse of molds from another, unrelated Hasbro property seems to suggest some of the same notable cost-cutting as a number of products in the G5 release so far. Back in 2018, Hasbro was suffering some severe financial setbacks due to tariffs on Chinese-produced goods. That has continued to last year, as far as I know. They closed down Backflip Studios at that time too, quite suddenly, after investing $112 million into the mobile game dev studio back in 2012.

    So long story short: Hasbro and other toy companies that rely on Chinese vendors to help produce their products have been bleeding quite a bit of cash for some time now, and shipping woes both before and during the pandemic have only made things worse. I have a suspicion they might not be using their preferred vendors in fact, or opting for lower cost production methods and materials, given some of the releases we’re seeing.

  3. Yeah, I totally noticed. ;b
    I do like yellow Winona; reminds me of a Barbie dog I have. ^^

  4. why are you broadcasting this news now when it came uit in 2020?

    1. We explained in the post: we want to have reference to these figures somewhere on MLP Merch, but not in the database. If anyone ever finds these figures, we can refer to this post for explanation.

  5. This explains the g5 advent calendar that used the g4.5 molds with the strangely added unicorn horns.