Just Play Shows G5 Sing & Glow Plush and Styling Head

We're slowly starting to see more licensees share their line-up for My Little Pony: a New Generation and today it's Just Play that listed their first G5 plush and styling head on Amazon. We know Just Play from their earlier released plush and styling heads, and they're back for a new generation of MLP merch!

They start off small with only one of both, but the plush is directly a special one: The Izzy Moonbow Sing & Glow plush has a glowing horn and can sing when pressing her hoof. She stands 13" tall (although the title says 12") and has very bright brushable hair. And she has quite... staring eyes.
They also paid attention to the details when looking at her hoofs: she's wearing her signature bracelet and has feather hooves.

Sunny Starscout has the honor of being their first Styling Head. She looks to be a recolor of the Pinkie Pie styling head they released earlier, with some minor changes on the head itself. She has 'magic color changing' cheeks, on which a monotone version of her cutie mark (or however they're called in G5) appears. She's 10" tall and her brushable mane and tail can be styled with the included comb and styled with any of the 13 accessories.


  1. Not bad! The styling Sunny Starscout looks pretty decent. Nice hair and styling options. The Izzy plush is a bit odd in the face, lacks enough of that glorious hair of hers (in my opinion), but it seems decently made.

  2. Perfect hair on the plush, but the face...oy. O_o

    1. Looks to be using the Buld-A-Bear pattern, but the tiny eyes ruin it.

  3. Why did they give the plush those sanpaku eyes?? I like the rest of the plush, (maybe the eyebrows need some fixing too) but there's always something off or weird about these G5 products so far, in my opinion.