New 14" Sunny Starscout Brushable... But There's a Catch!

Comparing the currently announced My Little Pony G5 toyline to that of the other generations, the amount of brushables is pretty low. With the additions from yesterday we even got the news that some of the brushables will be Walmart exclusives.

Luckily for brushables fans, over on Amazon a new Sunny Starscout brushable "figure" was found, and she's huge: standing 14" tall! But, as you might have guessed, this isn't just a gigantic brushable pony. In fact, she doesn't even come with 4 hooves.

So, what is it? Well, this is a brushable motorized My Little Pony quad with bubble-exhaust! I think the first of it's kind (and perhaps the last). Yes this electric quad had an actual brushable head on the front, and bubbles come out of the back when you ride it.

However, before you get this, do note that this quad is designed for children aged 1.5 to 3 and only supports up to 45 pound (20 kg). Besides, the listing on Amazon is currently still as our of stock. Because of that we can't see the price either, but comparable quads from Huffy retail for about $60.

Thanks to Splash Lights Photos for the heads-up!


  1. That’s just too friggin cool! The bubble-quad that is. The brushable Sunny hood ornament is kind of weird. I guess it makes some sense, but as a kid, I would have been more inclined to have a full-bodied, brushable pony plush that I take with me on a ride (maybe with her own built-in seat!) than a peculiar plastic partial pony. Hey they could have added a pony sidecar, and included a Sunny plush instead!

  2. I saw the castle playset at my local Walmart today: https://i.ibb.co/ckHcCN8/6-AF0-B8-F0-2-DD8-48-AA-9-C9-F-CEF9-D9-A6-EC01.jpg

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  4. A fun toy for the kindergarten set.