My Little Pony A New Generation Best Movie Friends Brushable
We've gotten many reports of G5 Toys being found in stores lately. Most of the stuff we've already seen online, except for these as I haven't seen these before. These are called Best Movie Friends Ponies and unlike many of the other G5 releases so far, actually have brushable hair. They also tried to style them according to their movie designs with Izzy having curly hair, Pipp as well and Sunny even has a nice braid.
Looks like this generation will be a combination of both molded manes and brushable ones. People are pretty split over this, what do you prefer? Brushable hair, or molded ones?

These have been found at HEB San Antonia, Texas but it's very likely they will appear at other stores too. If you spot these please let us know! Massive thanks to Ponyfriendsforeverconvention on Instagram for the heads up!

My Little Pony Izzy Moonbow A New Generation Best Movie Friends BrushableMy Little Pony Pipp Petals A New Generation Best Movie Friends Brushable

My Little Pony Sunny Starscout A New Generation Best Movie Friends Brushable


  1. I'm not impressed - these look like 90s Happy Meal toys

  2. They look fine to me... I hope the hair quality is closer to G3 and early G4.

  3. Oh my goodness, ponies on bubble cards! I’ve missed that format.

    These look pretty good, but I’m still not sold on the body portion of the mold. Especially those low profile Pegasus wings. I imagine it makes production easier; demolding has to be easier without raised wings to deal with. But it sure makes for a less impressive pony.

    As for molded vs brushable hair: my preference is brushable, but I do like having both on offer. I kind of wonder if they made molded hair models partially for the male demographic. Especially taking into account that a number of them seem to be articulated “action figure” style toys. Not that boys can’t appreciate static pose brushables, but given the typical toy manufacturer ideas of gender preferences, it wouldn’t surprise me. Not a bad idea to test that market if so.

    1. I agree, definitely want to get a hold of Izzy! (And Zipp if they do release her)

  4. What a mess. I’ll stick to the larger brushables.

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  6. I like them, idk why the rest of you are freaking out…even if I do like molded manes more.

  7. Nobody's freaking out, I also like them a lot- I liked G5 from the moment I set eyes on the design. But I am trying to wrap my brain about the lack of common sense that is displayed here considering things such as using open packaging in a post-COVID-19 age (germs) and trying to prevent scuffs and scratches to a new toy. Removed my initial comment because I am done beating the (appropriately) dead horse and decided to let Hasbro make their own mistakes.

  8. I really wish they would have stuck with vinyl, you can clearly see the seams on the stomache arena from being plastic.