More G5 Merchandise Found at Walmart

The Royal Racing Ziplines were already spotted at Walmart very early on, but now we've gotten so many reports that it seems that basically everything is out on the shelves now!

What has been confirmed to be available at (select) Walmart stores right now:

  • Royal Racing Ziplines with Pipp & Cloudpuff ($37.97)
  • Izzy Moonbow Unicorn Charms styling pony ($14.97)
  • Crystal Adventure single ponies ($7.97 each)
  • Izzy Moonbow Just Play styling head ($9.97)
  • 7" Just Play plush ($4.97 each)

Below we have photos of most of these finds, right from the Walmart shelves (or just after). If you couldn't find any of them yet, know that the amount of finds is growing day by day, so it's only a matter of time before all stores have sufficient stock. And if you can't wait, know that the first G5 listings on eBay are starting to pop up as well.

Many thanks to Becca, The Unicorn Toy Box, Dragon Darkfire & Errent Harpy for the photos! Thanks to iZenifyy & Silver Ice for the heads-up!


  1. I really do like that Izzy brushable (the full body version). The head styler is pretty nice looking, but never did like the idea of those. Still getting used to the idea of eyebrows on MLP but I definitely like the character designs on this Gen. They just seem to have difficulty executing on them in toy form. They’ve been a bit hit and miss.

  2. My spouse & I were at a local WNY Walmart this past Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn't find any MLP merch at all. This was a fairly rural location though, so it might not be typical.

    1. I’ve checked out Walmart in Canada and nothing here either. Fairly big city, but they haven’t had ANY pony stuff for at least a year or more. Not holding my breath for these new figures anytime soon.

  3. Can someone confirm if the budget figures with the molded manes are found at Walmart yet?

    1. I didn't see them at my walmart, nor did I see a shelf tag for them. I purchased the Mix and Make Sunny, Critter Creations Izzy, Big Brushable Izzy, Pipp/Sunny Crystal Sets. I did see the Castle with Pipp and Pipp/Izzy Plush as well. They were still stocking the shelves, though.