Wave 25 Blind Bags Now Listed In MLP Merch Database

Over the past 2 years we've received several requests for more information about the 25th wave of My Little Pony G4 blind bags we originally reported on in March of 2019. Today we finally have a bit more info to report on these, and have sufficient images to finally fill the database.

The series came as a big surprise, as there was a long silence since wave 24 hit the shelves. After the initial report, and a few online photos of the box and bags, we didn't hear much about them. They haven't been found in stores or online retailers that we know of. An indication for a possible limited release region can be found on the packaging: instead of the default 4 languages from American releases, they dropped French, showing that the set was not intended for a release in Canada. With that, a release in the US was also unlikely, and would focus on Central and/or South America.

This week we decided to finally dig deeper into this mystery, and managed to source archived images of most of the ponies from wave 25. Along the way we discovered that basically all figures we found were online listings from Mexico, and none from official toy retailers. This is the same country that is listed on the bag as the country of origin, and even though we searched for listings in nearby countries, we couldn't find any.

Update: Thanks to VikU we now know that these have been available in Mexican toy stores (10MXN/0.5USD) and have confirmed production dates ranging from late 2019 to early 2020. This, in combination with the 2016 copyright date, product number from 2017 and find in early 2019 shows that the timeline of planning, production and release of this set is quite spread out.

Below is our original theory, which is now corrected by the update above

Our current guess is the following: the set was planned as a local release by Hasbro, but cancelled somewhere in late 2017 or early 2018. The factory in Mexico already produced a first batch, all in bags and outer boxes. These boxes somehow found their way into public hands (perhaps through a wholesale buyer) and then onto online marketplaces.

Though, the product number is another mystery: C3312. When looking at the timeline of blind bags that would fall right between wave 21 (C2869) and 22 (C3483), meaning that the set was most likely planned for 2017. When looking at the production codes we can't really make out whether these start with a 7 or 9.

If it's a 7: then the date would fit in with the theory of a planned release in 2017.
If it's a 9: this would mean the production has been continued after the figures that were spotted early 2019.

Online on Mercato Libre the "wave 25" bags are still available, though only for people ordering from Mexico. This makes us think whether there are any collectors out there who have already managed to get any of these figures. If you have any figures, or have more information, we'd like to hear from you!