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Kotobukiya Shows Pony Hatsune Miku Final Design + Opens Pre-Orders

It's been almost half a year ago that we shared with you the strange news that the Kotobukiya bishoujo statue wasn't going to be another pony from MLP:FiM, but in fact a ponified version of Hatsune Miku! The 3-way collaboration (Hasbro, Kotobukiya & Crypton) is part of the MikuWorldCollab project, and quite unique for the world of My Little Pony. A couple of months after that first announcement, we got the see the minimally updated sculpt for the statue, but without any colors.

And today Kotobukiya not only reveals the final design of the special collaboration, but directly opens pre-orders for her! When looking at the statue we directly notice the glossy finish that wasn't visible in the concepts before: her shirt, boots and sleeves have a reflective coating to match the material of Hatsune Miku's outfit. We must say that this is an amazing touch in contrast to the matte finish most MLP bishoujo statues get! Overall the sculpt looks the same, apart from a slight variation in the height of her tie. Paint-wise the black details of her outfit are darker compared to the concept art, and she looks in a different direction compared to the prototype sculpt.

The pony version hasn't changed all that much compared to the initial sculpt, but it looks like the wave below her is a bit taller in the final version (or that's just the angle). Compared to the concept art we can see that her cutie mark was scaled down a bit and the proportions of her face have also seen some altered over the past months.

Below we have plenty more images of the ponified Hatsune Miku statue, as well as a size comparison with the Pinkie Pie bishoujo statue. We also have the pre-order locations where you can claim your statue beforehand, with an expected release in the spring of 2022. Listings are up at Koto US, Play Asia and Sideshow.

Thanks to Splash Lights Photos for the heads-up!

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