Alicorn Sunny Figure Combined With 2-Wheel Scooter

Those that are subscribed to our database newsletter might have been surprised by a brand new alicorn figure of Sunny Starscout! And we added her in the other figures database instead of the main figures database, so where is she coming from?

A new listing on the Walmart site, for a scooter themed after MLP: A New Generation, wouldn't normally grab that much attention. However, the alicorn Sunny figure comes as a freebie with it! At first glance it looks like she's attached to the scooter, but as seen on the packaging photo she comes separate. Whether she's connected with pegs or magnets is unknown.

Not a lot of information is shared by Sakar, the manufacturer, about the included figure. However, based on product dimensions we'd estimate the figure to be about 4" tall. She has two-toned molded hair, and her horn and wings have the same color as her body. She has her cutie mark on at least one side, but there are no clear photos of the other side.

Getting the scooter just for the figure will be a pricey investment: Walmart has it listed for $32.88.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads-up!


  1. Kind of interesting how she looks like a natural born alicorn here as compared to the light projection horn and wings she has in the movie and the Sing and Skate talking doll. I'm curious to see if this is permanent in the show but judging from the cover of that tie in book based off the Easter special it might not be, though it could be a temporary power up Sunny uses every now and then. Either way I'd like to see where this goes!

  2. Too bad this is on a scooter. I'd grab several of those to make customs with.