New Leisure Afternoon Pop Mart Figures Available on Amazon

Whereas the first set was only available on Chinese marketplaces for several weeks, the new My Little Pony figures by Pop Mart are already listed and available on Amazon! And that just 1 day after the official start of sales in China, according to the earlier annoucement.

The listing offers single packs, 3-packs and full boxes with 12 packs. Singles are $14.90 each, but drop to about $11.60 per pack when a full box is bought. A 3-pack is $36.90, which averages at $12.30 per pack.

Each of those Leisure Afternoon packs is a blind box containing one of the 13 possibile figures: 2 of each mane 6 character and a chase Princess Cadance (1/144). We already ordered 4 boxes and hope to review them soon! If you can't wait for that review, you can already read our review of the original Natural Series here.

Thanks to Victor for the heads-up!


  1. Excellent! Thanks a lot for the heads-up! Just ordered them. Much better than having to order them direct from china via a shipping agent

  2. Wait wasn't the hidden figure supposed to be a Celestia and not Cadance???

    1. Celestia was in set before this one