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Virtual Running Club Introduces MLP Rainbow Retro Challenge

The Virtual Running Club, an organization that promotes excercise through virtual runs/races, has announced a special My Little Pony themed challenge event: the My Little Pony Rainbow Retro Challenge, which includes exclusive rewards.

With the help of a mobile app, Virtual Running Club helds virtual races and challenges to motivate people to excercise as well as giving freedom over traditional races. Occasionally they have special licensed events with exclusive challenge rewards, and now it's time for their first My Little Pony challenge.

By running 120 and/or 600 miles before June 2023 you can "earn" up to 12 pins (1") designed after G1 symbols and a locket medal (4") as rewards for reaching certain milestones. We put earn in quotation marks here as you have to pay for the pins up front. You'll also get a lanyard to put your pins on.

The regular challenge (either 120 or 600 miles) requires you to log your miles with the included app and will ship out the 6 distance pins once you reach them. This costs $135 per end goal, but does include US shipping for each individual pin. If you want both sets of distance pins then you'd have to buy both distances at $135 each. You will only receive the pins if and once you reach your goal.

There is an alternative to the regular challenge: the Virtual Running Club also offers a DIY package that ships the rewards (6 pins, lanyard and locket medal) directly in one shipment, so you can reward yourself. This is cheaper at $85 (since it only requires one shipment), but you'll not receive access to the app.

On the challenge page you can learn more about the rules and options for the Rainbow Retro Challenge. It's good to know that running isn't a requirement: walking, cycling and swimming is also possibile. Ordering a package before February 20 will be counted as a regular registration, with which you can also order a shirt ($21-$41) and/or bib ($7). After the 20th bibs will no longer be available and shirt pricing will increase.

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  1. Those are some nice looking pins but $85 is really expensive! A neat collaboration nonetheless.