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Pre-Orders for Limited Edition Applejack Bishoujo Statue Now Open

It's been a while since the last limited edition My Little Pony bishoujo statue by Kotobukiya, but we finally have the confirmation that Applejack will be the next release!

The news about Applejack already came out last week, but we wanted to wait for the pre-orders to be available, and they are now! This new, limited edition, version of Applejack comes with translucent and glitter-filled hair and mane, as well as a glittery base. This is in line with all the other limited edition statues, of which we're now only missing Rainbow Dash. Other than the translucent parts the figures themselves also have a slightly different skin tone to better match their pony counterpart.

Pre-orders for the limited edition Applejack statue are available for $109.99 at Entertainment Earth, with an expected release in September.

Below we have more official images, as well as a comparison with the original Applejack and an overview of all limited edition statues so far.

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