Pyramid America Announces New Framed My Little Pony Artwork

Licensed merchandise manufacturer Pyramid America recently announced a new set of framed My Little Pony posters to be released in March, featuring G1 and G4 artwork not frequently used in merch.

These posters all come prepared in 19" by 13" frames, made from black MDF and are available in 6 new designs. This includes 3 flat designs, a tropical collage, an Instagram-post and a G1 tie dye variant. We have images of them all lower in the post!

The new posters are available as pre-order on Entertainment Earth (listings below) for $19.99 each with a release in March of this year.

Either we didn't hear about Pyramid America before or they haven't promoted these posters a lot in the past years, but according to their website there is quite a collection available already, including G1 and Cutie Mark Crew posers.


  1. Saw at Entertainment Earth. The Rarity one is cool. Retro one's cute. Twilight and the blue group one are okay, though it's annoying how Applejack--always the most underappreciated--remains barely represented. Also dislike the association of Fluttershy with introversion--it does not mean shy!!! Dagnabbit.

  2. Kinda wish they'd given the "Believe in yourself" motto to Rarity. A much better fit in my opinion.