Cutie Mark Magic Sunny & Pipp Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

About a month ago a new line of Cutie Mark Magic (not to be confused with the 2014 line) toys were revealed on a UK wholesale website, introducing new single ponies with brushable tails and Hoof to Heart accessories. Now Amazon has listed the first batch, consisting of Sunny and Pipp, up for pre-order.

For $9.99 you get a plastic-free packaged pony with a solid mane and brushable tail. 16 accessories are included, which can be worn by the pony with the Hoof to Heart feature. Aside from the regular pinholes on the hoof and cutie mark, a headband is also included to wear two additional charms. Also present is a carry case to not lose the small bits too quickly.

Below we have the listings for both Sunny and Pipp that have a release date August 1. Whether Izzy and Zipp will be added later towards the release date, or whether they're part of a second wave is unknown, but we'll try to follow up once we spot the listings.