Funko To Release NFT My Little Pony Collection - Slim Chance of Physical POP

If you haven't heard about NFTs yet, you probably haven't been online much in the past year. Digital collectibles in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens is the latest gamble game where you buy and trade digital 'ownership certificates' of basically anything. Funko has been releasing their own lines of digital collectibles and is soon adding My Little Pony to the line of Digital Funko cards through their Droppp platform, sadly...

Yes we're not going to stay neutral on this subject: we don't like NFTs. Sure there are good projects and beautiful pieces of art, but the effect crypto and blockchain projects have on the environment, the amount of scams and stolen art and the gambling aspects NFTs seem to be surrounded with is not something we can endorse. Yet, because this is news in regards to new My Little Pony Funko POP figures, we do want to share it.

In it's core Funko releases a limited range of 36,000 packs of digital collectible cards, divided over standard packs with 5 cards for $9.99 and premium packs with 15 cards for $29.99. These cards are animated and range from common cards to 1-of-1 unique cards. All have some form of animation and feature a pony POP figure.

Now here's the catch: these cards are only digital and only exists as long as the Dropp platform stays alive. They're more expensive than regular trading cards, and you need to perform a transfer outside of Droppp to trade them (yes, their own platform doesn't support trading and selling).

There is however a slim chance that you pull a Legendary (1.72%) or Grail (0.28%) type card, you're able to claim a physical POP of that pony. To add insult to injury to those slim chances, they only release new ponies for this line and not just an exclusive box. This means it's basically gambling (and a potential cost of hundreds of dollars) to get a Rarity Funko POP. From the total of 360,000 cards that Funko releases, the following cards are claimable as physical figures:

- Freddy Funko Spike - 2400 POPs (unknown chance)
- Sunset Shimmer - 1550 POPs (1.72% chance)
- Queen Chrysalis - 1550 POPs (1.72% chance)
- Princess Luna - 1550 POPs (1.72% chance)
- Maud Pie - 1550 POPs (1.72% chance)
- Rarity - 999 POPs (0.28% chance)

In total Funko will ship out 9,599 physical POP ponies as part of this first series. Claims can be made 120 days after the initial release on June 28 and must be placed within 30 days. US shipping is included, but international collectors need to pay for shipping. Patience is also needed, as the figures will be shipped in the spring of 2023. (Thanks to NightDJ for the heads-up)


  1. god its bad enough they are doing nfts, but wtf did they do to spike XD we didnt need fred as any of our ponyfolk, ty funko....i wish people would actually ban together to boycott stuff like this...

  2. So you basicly have to buy as many NFT as possible to get a chance for a figure? Yeah, no thanks.

  3. ..wow. i really miss when funko was considered a quirky little niche thing, i'll stick to my pinkie and muffins, thank you very much

  4. I hope they get enough hatemail to drop this idea

  5. NFT's are insulting enough, but then they still don't make an Applejack? I hope no one buys these

  6. This is really messed up on Funko’s part. Literally no one wants those useless things. People like physical items. Such a disappointment.

  7. I love the Queen Chrysalis one. Such a shame you have to purchase an NFT to even get a chance at owning one...

    1. Not only an NFT, you need a whole set.
      "Upon completing your Royalty Collection (by collecting one of every Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic Digital Pop!™), you become eligible to receive a limited edition physical collectible figure designed exclusively for this release."

    2. There using the g5 logo ayu

  8. BOOOOO! :( V greedy chops of Funko. Not a good look for them.

  9. I wish at least they sell the cards as a physical item with a code on the cards that u can redeem for a chance to win the figures. I would buy them if they were like that. I want sunset shimmer so bad :(

  10. The first season 1 Luna we've gotten in years....and it's a NFT funko pop. Horrific.