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MLP Merch Poll #151MLP Merch Poll #150 Results
Last week we asked you whether you're excited for the latest addition to the ever expanding MLP blind bags collection: Wave 24. On the top of the list is a huge group (40%) that is very excited for the new set, and other large portions like either most characters (19%) or some of them (18%). Of the more negative votes the biggest group consists of people simply not collection blind bags (16%), leaving only a handful of people who have specific reasons not to like the blind bags.

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Today we review our brand new Explore Equestria sticker booster box by Panini. The box contains 50 packs, which means a total of 250 stickers! This time we've decided to upload all videos in one go, so that we have a central place to store all videos.
You can watch the video's embedded below, or check our playlist on YouTube.