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Unlicensed Daring Do Plush
The unlicensed/fake Daring Do plush we reported on two weeks ago, seems to have been finished by OnlyFactory. Her hat seems to be stitched to her hair, as well as her shirt to her body. Supporters complain about the color of her hair, so that might changes when distribution goes over to FrontWinner. Readers unaware of these plushies can read our post on the fake 12 inch plushies. As always, be aware that these plushies are unlicensed by Hasbro and that buying these plushies does not support the show's creators.

After the cut we have some more detailed images of Daring Do!
Unlicensed Daring Do Plush Hat
Unlicensed Daring Do Plush Head
Unlicensed Daring Do Plush Wing and Cutie Mark

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