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OnlyFactory Fake Coco Pommel Plush
Some time ago we posted the progress on a Coco Pommel plush made my OnlyFactory. Now it seems like she's finished! However keep in mind that she might eventually will change before she's gonna be produced by Frontwinner. For more information regarding the origin of these plushies, check out this article!

Below the cut we have some more progress information on an upcomming Bon Bon plush, and we have some concept art for a Lotus Blossom plush!

OnlyFactory Fake Bon Bon Plush

Seems like Bon Bon will get a plush soon! Some people are mentioning that her blue hair needs to be darker. We also stumbled upon a concept artwork of a Lotus Blossom so expect her soon as well!
OnlyFactory Lotus Blossom Plush Concept Artwork

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