Flutterbat OnlyFactory Fake Plush

Seems like OnlyFactory has finished again one requested plush, and this time it is Flutterbat. However, she won't go into production right now because they don't have enough backers for her yet. They need a total of 300 pieces before production can start. You can become a backer here. REMINDER: You DON'T support the show when you buy these. These plushies are unlicensed and fake. No profit will go to the show. You can read more about the origin of these plushies here.

Below the cut we have some new concept art for possible upcoming plushies, we have Sunset Shimmer and a Rainbowfied Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Sunset Shimmer OnlyFactory Fake Plush Concept Art

Rainbowfied Twilight Sparkle OnlyFactory Fake Plush Concept Art


  1. They just made a DJ pon3 one :o looks cool but its from the anonymous company as well.

  2. Flutterbat's cutie mark is Fluttershy's normal cutie mark, not a load of bats >:(

  3. *scoffs* Why support a company that release crappy plush toys of your favorite characters, and only do the Mane 6