Play by Play Applejack Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie Plushies

A while ago we reported on MLP plushies made by Play by Play which we found in a local store. We've now finally found promotional images of the larger plushies, which are 40cm (16 inch) tall. There are also plushies that are 17cm (7 inch) and 25cm (10 inch) tall.
The quality of the larger plushies are obviously better. The mane and tail are better structured (the smaller plushies have very fluffy hair) and the eyes and cutie marks look better. There also seems to be a alicorn version of Twilight Sparkle.
So far they have only been spotted in Europa, and the prices range from €9 ($12) for the smallest to €40 ($54) for the largest.
Play by Play Applejack Rainbow Dash Pinkie Pie PlushiesPlay by Play Applejack Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Plushies


  1. I wouldn't suggest buying these to anyone, they get sold in various stores in Germany and pretty much every plush got manufacturing errors, most common one is holes.

  2. Aren't those Famosa plushies? http://i.imgur.com/nhOgJsq.jpg
    Also, I found another version of Famosa plushies: http://i.imgur.com/wGUB2f8.jpg
    I wonder if this Fluttershy with plush wings avaliable somewhere?

    1. Whoops! Those are indeed Famosa plushies, it seems that the listing had the wrong manufacturer mentioned. However, it could also be that in some countries Famosa used their Play by Play brand (PbP is part of Famosa) to sell their plushies. For now I'll removed the plushies from the post, thanks :)

    2. The thing with brand tags is quite elaborate. So far all plushies with fluffy hair (Pinkie, AJ, Unicorn Twilight and WINGLESS Rainbow Dash) were tagged as Play by Play and all those with fabric hair (RD with wings, Alicorn Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, PP, AJ) were "from" Famosa. However, about a week ago I went to Tesco and got a 40 cm Applejack with fluffy mane and tail and her tag says Famosa.