Wave 11 Swanky Hank Blind BagWave 11 Wensly Blind Bag
Detailed images of the wave 11 Swanky Hank and Wensly blind bags were found today on eBay. So far we've seen 22 of 24 wave 11 blind bags online. The amount of findings and listings is growing so production of the wave 11 blind bags is probably going fast now. We're still waiting for more information on codes and releases, so keep an eye on our homepage, as we'll post the info as soon as we know it!


  1. thats great to know that ur getting closer to knowing about wave 11 mlp blind bags and coming closer 2 know more about the releases and codes :)
    P.S lol

  2. I just started collecting the mlp blind bags and i haven't even gotten the hole collectoin of wave 10 ive only got 3 wave 10 figures and i go monthly shop and i have the buget of 20$ each month becuz of how much pocket money i get. and i can get 7 blind bags only this month!

    ps. i would feel really bad if i wouldn't be able to collect the whole wave 10 blind bag figures!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ai, do they discontinue blind bags fast where you live? Here in The Netherlands I can still buy wave 7 and up blind bags if I go to a few different stores. I can imagine though that bigger companies like Target and Toys"R"Us go fast on their stock... I hope you can them all!

    2. i live in massachusettes