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Possible Wave 13 Sea Swirl Blind Bag?

Not long ago we posted a post about some new Blind Bags that appeared on Taobao and some Ebay sellers. (like Sea Swirl Above) Ossie and I both guessed among many other people that this could be the possible 13th Blind Bag wave. So far nothing new right?

Well today Amazon decided to list 3 new listing called: My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 3, 4 and 5. We only got the standard description so that one's no help. But what about Collection Number one and two? Well according to Amazon. Collection Number one responds to Wave 10, and number two responds to the Wave 11 Blind Bags. I guess Collection three responds to the Wave 12 ones.

So I guess Amazon has decided to already list the two upcoming Waves of My Little Pony Blind Bags! So far no images or other information yet, so we have to wait. But this means that there will be more Blind Bag Hunting in the future if this is indeed all true. What do you think?

For those who are curious, we have the listings here below:
-My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 3
-My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 4

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The Wave 11B Blind Bags came out almost immediately after the Wave 11A Blind Bags, but the codes remained unknown for a while. But thanks to Mythic Moon and Eunos the codes are now available and we've listed them for you on this page. Note that the Wave 11B bags are currently available at a few Tesco and Claires stores. Look for the bags with Cloud Chaser, Lilac Hearts, Pinkie Pie and Ruby Splash on the cover (see image above). The codes have also been added to our Blind Bag Database.
If you want more info on how you can use the codes to see what's inside a blind bag without opening it, read our guide: How To Use MLP Blind Bag Codes (Blind Bag Cheats).

MLP Wave 11A UK Blind Bag Codes
The just released wave 11 blind bags have made their way to the UK, again in the form of two separate sets. Right now Wave 11A is available at Tesco and somewhere in 2015 the other half of the set will be released.
Every UK blind bag set as of Wave 8 has been split into two sets of 12, each with other blind bag codes as the other releases. That's why it's important to recheck all codes and make them public. With help from xRoxieRarwx and Dead-Pon3 the list is now complete, and we've found an image of the UK-exclusive bag too (see above)!
Below is the list of blind bags in wave 11A with their blind bag codes. The codes have also been added to our Blind Bag Database. If you want more info on how you can use the codes to see what's inside a blind bag without opening it, read our guide: How To Use MLP Blind Bag Codes (Blind Bag Cheats).

Wave 11 Blind Bags
The wait is finally over. For those who are looking for the Wave 11 Blind Bags, they have been found at Walmart! It's not sure if  every Walmart has them already so the best is too perhaps inform first. But they will finally start to appear in stores!

Thanks to Niksilp for the heads up and the pictures!

Want the codes? We have them all here!

7 comments Blind Bag Database App
We've teamed up with FrankkieNL to make our Blind Bag Database available on Android, and as of today the app is complete! You can download the MLP Blind Bag Guide from your computer or go to the Google Play Store on your phone and search for "Brony MLP Blind Bag Guide".

Here are some of the cool features the app provides:
- All ponies from the Blind Bag Database (including Collection and Mini Sets!)
- Of course all codes for the Blind Bag ponies
- No internet required (so you can check it when browsing stores)
- Checklists to keep track of your collection
- Built-in tutorial for identifying blind bags

You can also check out some of the other pony apps made by FrankkieNL, like the MLP live wallpaper app! Blind Bag Database Blind Bag Database Blind Bag Database App

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After only 1 day we've already improved our Blind Bag Database to make it more useful and user friendly in response to various feedback we've received on our site and email. We basically rewrote the complete layout and functionality of the database while keeping the information and codes.

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We've just launched our biggest project so far: the Blind Bag Database! Containing codes, information and photos of over 300 Blind Bag figures!

- Blind Bag codes, information and photos of all 11 Blind Bag waves
- UK 12-bag releases included
- Collection Set releases included
- Mini Set releases included
- Variations included
- Over 300 unique blind bag figures
- Blind Bag codes to know what figure a blind bag will contain
- Most photos from our own personal collection

So head on over to our Blind Bag Database, or checkout any of our other databases in our menu or sidebar of our website!

All About MLP Merch Masterpost on Wave 11 Blind Bags + Codes
After only a day after reporting on the listings of the upcoming Wave 11 Blind Bag figures, we've already found images of the collector cards, that helped us find the figure order! Now as you might now, the figure order (from 1 to 24) has always been the same order as the code on the bags. It's very likely that the collector card numbers ones again correspond with the codes on the bag.

EDIT: Do you live in the UK? Check out the codes for the Wave 11A Blind Bags!

Below you can see the figure order and corresponding blind bag codes:

Wave 11 Blind Bag BoxWave 11 Blind Bag Wrap
We're finally seeing some official listings of the upcoming wave 11 blind bag set. Toywiz and EntertainmentEarth both created listings for the set and speculate a bit about the exact release date, but it will be around September/October, so not too long! We are not 100% on the codes yet, and we'll do our best to get them ASAP!
If you happen to find cards or codes anywhere, please send them to: 
For now we have detailed images of all wave 11 blind bag figures (in alphabetical order) for you below:

Wave 11 Swanky Hank Blind BagWave 11 Wensly Blind Bag
Detailed images of the wave 11 Swanky Hank and Wensly blind bags were found today on eBay. So far we've seen 22 of 24 wave 11 blind bags online. The amount of findings and listings is growing so production of the wave 11 blind bags is probably going fast now. We're still waiting for more information on codes and releases, so keep an eye on our homepage, as we'll post the info as soon as we know it!