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Famosa Princess Celestia PlushFamosa Princess Celestia Plush Packaging
A little while ago we reported on a Princess Celestia plush by Famosa that lights up and plays sounds. Not little after that did we already find a second version of her, with different wings. Now it seems that also a third version of that plush has been listed on Amazon. When comparing the three versions the new one looks much more finalized with a smoother tail and added shoes. We've also found an image of the box she comes in, confirming that she's being produced by Famosa, since this Princess Celestia has some design elements from TY and Aurora plushies.
She is currently only listed on the French Amazon website, but we expect to see a wider availability soon!

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  1. It's actually the 4th version already, the version with the crown and collar made from felt was first released some months ago, she says the same stuff as the speaking Celestia brushables.