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Famosa Releases 10" G5 MLP Plush In Europe
Famosa, well known for their range of G4 My Little Pony during the early lifespan of that generation. Later on Famosa stopped producing new MLP plush, so the range remains limited to Mane 6 and Princess Celestia. But they have renewed the license and just released their line-up of G5 plush!


New 12 Inch Famosa Rarity Plush
A few weeks ago we reported that Famosa decided to release a new line of Pony Plushies. These plushies have just like the smaller ones, some additional glitter in her hair just like the first ones of Aurora. These were also found on Ebay. We have no idea where and when these will be released in stores. What do you think of these? They have all been added to our database as well!

New MLP Famosa 6.5 Inch Twilight Sparkle Plush
It seems like all the brands that currently sell pony plushies decided to remake them all. After Aurora and Ty it seems like Famosa is also re-releasing their 6.5 inch plushies with some new designs. These plushies were found on the Spanish Ebay website.

The biggest change that has been made is the fact that all of the ponies now have glitter on their manes similar to the first release of Aurora. The wings have also been changed. First the wings were kinda thin and made of some kind of foil-like material. Now they are sturdier and made with the same fabric as the Aurora ones.

What do you think of them? And who's your favourite? Please let us know! :)

Famosa Princess Clestia Plush
The Singing Princess Celestia plush by Famosa, which has been spotted months ago and changed a few months later, has finally been spotted in stores. She initially launched in France, but now she is available at German Toys"R"us stores, and probably other European countries too.
Famosa is a brand that mainly focuses on the European market, so it's unsure whether she'll ever see a release in the US, but she could come to the UK any time soon.
Thanks to Ayu for the image!

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Famosa Princess Celestia PlushFamosa Princess Celestia Plush Packaging
A little while ago we reported on a Princess Celestia plush by Famosa that lights up and plays sounds. Not little after that did we already find a second version of her, with different wings. Now it seems that also a third version of that plush has been listed on Amazon. When comparing the three versions the new one looks much more finalized with a smoother tail and added shoes. We've also found an image of the box she comes in, confirming that she's being produced by Famosa, since this Princess Celestia has some design elements from TY and Aurora plushies.
She is currently only listed on the French Amazon website, but we expect to see a wider availability soon!

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Princess Celestia Famosa Plush with Sound and Light Effects
Some months ago we posted about the Plush company called `Famosa´ they make Pony Plushies especially for Europe (they sell some here as well here in the Netherlands) It was already announced back then that there would be a Princess Celestia with sound and Light effects. But now she has finally appeared on the French Amazon Website, and she's ready to order. She's 25 centimeters high (about 10 inches) and you can order her for €50,51. Quite expensive actually.

You can find the listing here: Princess Celestia Famosa Plush with Sound and Light Effects

MLP Merch Poll
This is the first poll that actually has a very close winner and 2nd place! In MLP Merch Poll #3 we asked you which plush manufacturer your favourite is, and the winner with 34.9% is Build-a-Bear! The second place with 31.6% of the votes goes to 4th Dimension Entertainment (4DE) and then there's a big gap until we find 3rd place: TY with 11.4%. Below that are Funrise (10%), Aurora (9.7%), Nici (1.7%) and Famosa is last with 0.7% of the votes.

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MLP Merch Poll
The results of the second MLP Merch Poll are impressive! A stunning 81% of our visitors is excited about Cutie Mark Magic, and the majority of you will definitely get some of the new ponies, awesome! 12% of the voters are not interested in Cutie Mark Magic and another 5% had no idea these toys were found!

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My Little Pony Famosa Plush Sitting Rainbow Dash
The Famosa pony plushies are starting to pop up on, and in addition to the already announced standing ponies by Famosa, sitting poses are also available now!
They are approximately 17 cm (6.7 inch) tall and cost about £9 (which is about $15 or €11 right now).

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