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MLP Merch Poll
Last week we asked you which MLP comic covers you prefer to buy, and the results are clear: Most of you don't buy the comics! Over 50% voted that they don't buy the comics and 18.6% of that group doesn't ever want to buy some. Another group of 8.8% does buy the comics, but only online without a choice for covers.
Of the people that do buy physical MLP comics the majority simply buys the comics they think looks best, even if that's a more expensive cover. The second largest group buys the regular covers, 4.2% prefers the retailer exclusive and only 1.4% collect the retailer incentive covers. And something that surprised me: 8.8% of you collect all covers!

Our next poll is about a very current subject: Wave 12 blind bags! We'd like to know your opinion on the new set, that mainly consists of wave 1 re-releases. Will you still buy them?
You can find the current poll in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.
And feel free to also leave a comment in this post with your opinion!
MLP Merch Poll #10

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