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Wave 12B Blind Bag Twilight Sparkle
It's only a few weeks ago that we first saw the Wave 12A Blind Bags release in the UK, but already has Tesco (and probably Claires too) released the wave 12B set. As usual, this set contains the 12 blind bag figures from wave 12 that were not included in the wave 12A set. In contrast to wave 12A, the wave 12B set actually has another bag style that that of wave 12, which released globally.
Just like the other wave 12 blind bags, these bags still have the code, but also contain a window in the back to see which pony is inside.
We've also added the Wave 12B Blind Bags to the MLP Blind Bag Database.

Possible Wave 13 Sea Swirl Blind Bag?

Not long ago we posted a post about some new Blind Bags that appeared on Taobao and some Ebay sellers. (like Sea Swirl Above) Ossie and I both guessed among many other people that this could be the possible 13th Blind Bag wave. So far nothing new right?

Well today Amazon decided to list 3 new listing called: My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 3, 4 and 5. We only got the standard description so that one's no help. But what about Collection Number one and two? Well according to Amazon. Collection Number one responds to Wave 10, and number two responds to the Wave 11 Blind Bags. I guess Collection three responds to the Wave 12 ones.

So I guess Amazon has decided to already list the two upcoming Waves of My Little Pony Blind Bags! So far no images or other information yet, so we have to wait. But this means that there will be more Blind Bag Hunting in the future if this is indeed all true. What do you think?

For those who are curious, we have the listings here below:
-My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 3
-My Little Pony Surprise Bag Mini Figure Collection 4

MLP Merch PollMLP Merch Poll #20 Results
Last week, after the revealing of the 12th wave of blind bags, we asked you which trick you are going to use to identify the ponies, and here are the results! Almost half of the people that voted (43.2%) are going to use the newly added transparent back to see what pony is inside and 31.6% will use the old code trick. Another 12% will guess what's inside by feeling and 11% buys them blind. Only a handful of people (2%) will buy the complete box.

MLP Wave 12A Blind Bags
The rate at which new blind bags are being released in the UK seems to increase with each wave. It's been just over a week since the wave 12 blind bags released in the US, but the first UK set is out already. The set, as usually, contains 12 figure, but in contrast to earlier waves does not show half-specific ponies on the bag cover: CMM Rarity and Pinkie Pie are shown while these are not included in the Wave 12A set. However, the side of the box properly shows what ponies are included, so always take a look on the box (if it's there)! The bags are actually identical to those released in the US, including the transparent plastic window in the back (which you can use for cheating). This particular box was spotted at Tesco, but it's to be expected that Claires and other retailers will sell them soon too. Check below for the codes and more images!
Thanks to Victor for the info!

MLP Merch PollMLP Merch Poll #19 Results
We've already reached poll #20! But before we tell you what the 20th poll is, let's first take a look at last weeks results. We asked you what you were most excited about to see on the UK and/or NY toy fairs, and it's pretty clear what most of you want: New characters! Well with the already releasing Cutie Mark Magic line you don't have to be afraid of that, for example we've already seen or will soon see ponies like Skywishes, Coco Pommel, Diamond Mint and Honey Rays. Of course we hope to see more ponies in releases that we have not even heard of, so surprise us Hasbro! Another popular release is that of the next Equestria Girls line. It's pretty sure that there will be a next EqG movie, and that means: More dolls! The third most anticipated release is that of something completely new. I guess a surprise like the Rainbow Shimmer (snowglobe) ponies would be a good example of that. New bodies, new ponies, new ideas, it's all welcome! Other popular votes are that of the blind bags (especially 13 and 14, which we couldn't confirm yet) and the next series of Cutie Mark Magic merch. Not only does that include completely new releases, I think most people would also enjoy to finally see what the Coco Pommel Fashion Style looks like! All those releases are followed by plushies, which has an average amount of votes, and closes the list of anticipated releases. Stuff that doesn't seem to be popular are exclusive lines, POP ponies and playsets. All probably for obvious reason.

MLP Wave 12 Blind Bag
Hasbro seems to twist the term 'blind bags' around with the introduction of Wave 12 Blind Bags this week in the US: The bags are almost see-through and have a transparent 'window' in the bag through which you can see the pony (see images below). This seems to be a reaction on the fact that a lot of people were already using the blind bag codes to see what pony was inside. However, the codes are still present at the bottom of the bags. A few months ago when the bags appeared for the first time we've already reviewed them and noticed the lack of codes on the thin bags, this now seems to be confirmed. Images of the ponies are now more useful than ever to identify ponies, as this is 100% proof of the pony inside. So be sure to have a good look in our Blind Bag Database to see what ponies you're looking for. We'll edit our code post and Blind Bag Database to reflect these changes. An update for the Android app will be available soon as well.
The blind bags have been spotted at some Toys"R"Us stores and now it'll be a wait for every store to put them in stock, and other parts of the world will probably follow soon. There might also be a chance that parts of Asia already have access to wave 12 blind bags too.
Happy hunting to everyone. And feel free to send us scans of the collector cards! ;)
Thanks to Chad Alan for the video about them and carwyynx, Emma, Bin's Toy Bin and everyone else for the tips!

Wave 12 Blind Bag Codes (Cheats)
2 Months after the initial announcement of the Wave 12 Blind Bags, we've finally figured out what the codes are! We've compared the sequence of blind bags with the usual list of codes to find out which pony has which codes. The only thing we are not 100% sure on is where the codes are listed on the bag this time. So if anyone can take a peek at one of the wave 12 blind bags it would be much appreciated!
Below is the list of blind bags in wave 12 with their blind bag codes. The codes have also been added to our Blind Bag Database. If you want more info on how you can use the codes to see what's inside a blind bag without opening it, read our guide: How To Use MLP Blind Bag Codes (Blind Bag Cheats).

EDIT: Hasbro added a see-through window on the back of the bags, but codes are unchanged. More info in this Wave 12 Blind Bag Release post.

AA - Pinkie Pie
AB - Applejack
AC - Rainbow Dash
AD - Twilight Sparkle
AE - Rarity
AF - Flower Wishes
AG - Pepperdance
AH - Lily Blossom
AI - Lucky Swirl
AK - Sweetie Swirl
AL - Fizzypop
AM - Minty
AN - Fluttershy
AO - Sweetcream Scoops
AP - Lemon Heart
AR - Bumblesweet
AS - Roseluck
AT - Sugar Grape
AU - Firecracker Burst
AV - Cherry Spices
AW - Sweetie Blue
AX - Rainbow Dash (Special)
AY - Pinkie Pie (Special)
AZ - Twilight Sparkle (Special)

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MLP Merch Poll
It was a short poll this week because we were on the late side last week, but oh well! Last week we asked what your opinions were on the upcoming wave 12 blind bags, and most of you can't wait! 48% of you still need some or most of the original wave 1 blind bags, so this wave is ideal to get them cheap and 13% only want the new (Cutie Mark Magic) figures. 2% will only buy the new blind bags for the cards and almost 15% of you like them, but for other reasons. Then a total of 22% don't like the new blind bags, either because of the many re-releases (14%), preference for other types of blind bags (4%) or other reasons (4%).

Wave 12 Twilight Sparkle Factory Error Blind Bags
Today on Taobao these two factory errors popped up of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag. They both have unpainted necklaces and one of them has unpainted wings and crown too. Both of them have some stock on Taobao, indicating that probably a complete blind bag batch suffers from these errors. Due to the amount of errors it's possible that these will start to pop up on eBay too. I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence, but last week we also reported on changed color schema of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag.

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MLP Merch Poll
Last week we asked you which MLP comic covers you prefer to buy, and the results are clear: Most of you don't buy the comics! Over 50% voted that they don't buy the comics and 18.6% of that group doesn't ever want to buy some. Another group of 8.8% does buy the comics, but only online without a choice for covers.
Of the people that do buy physical MLP comics the majority simply buys the comics they think looks best, even if that's a more expensive cover. The second largest group buys the regular covers, 4.2% prefers the retailer exclusive and only 1.4% collect the retailer incentive covers. And something that surprised me: 8.8% of you collect all covers!