Cutie Mark Magic InsertCutie Mark Magic Hasbro POP Insert
Thanks to Derpyderp910, we now have images of the insert that comes with the newly released Cutie Mark Magic Ponies. As you can see almost all the stuff that we had found earlier is showed on it. (Except the Charm wings brushables and the regular ones) The new Blind Bag Wave is also included on the bottom. As for now I believe this will be the first wave of Cutie Mark Magic Toys as we're missing a lot still like several Fashion Styles.

On the back it features some images of some Hasbro POP Ponies that we had found! Check them all out!

Thanks again to Derpyderp910 for providing the scans!

For those interested, here are the links to the articles of the products shown in the insert:
- Glamour Glow Rarity
- Twilight Sparkle Charm Cariage Playset
- Water Cuties Brushables
- Fashion Style Sunset Shimmer and Princess Cadance
- Wave 12 Blind Bags

Hasbro POP Insert:
- Wave 3 of the regular Hasbro Pop (starter kits)
- Twilight Sparkle Wing Kit and Princess Celestia Design-a-Pony kit
- All the other ones shown


  1. I was watching Derpyderp910 while seeing this. O_O

  2. This pamphlet is really cool i can't wait to have one too!