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12-Pack of G4.5 Blind Bags Already at Walmart
Earlier this week we found the first image of the brand new G4.5 blind bags set online, and just before the new year Walmart already released them in stores! (And Amazon now, too)
There's only one odd thing here: the set that was found on the shelves is a 12-pack, whereas the US normally gets a full 24-pack, just like the images we found earlier. Not only that, but the packaging only features English and French text, not Spanish as US releases usually have.
These 12-pack releases with two languages is commonly released in the UK, so it is possible that this set that hit the stores is a mix-up.
The figures included are the first set we posted in our previous post containing Tank, Winona, (brown) Angel, Opalescence, Lyra, Amethyst Star, unknown green pony, Gummy, Potion Nova, Cha Cha, a hippopotamus and Rarity.
While the Cutie Mark Crew confetti is gone, these new blind bags do come with another (potentially even messier) way of opening them: water! You can flip open the potion bottles, pour in some water, and after shaking them for a while the dust should dissolve and the pony will be revealed. Just make sure you close the potion bottle tight before shaking! (See photo and video of this below)
Update: First wave of Magical Potion Surprise is now on Amazon for just $2.99 each. Listing mentions 24 figures in contrast to the split box found in stores.

Thanks to SLPhotos for the photos & videos!

Big Surprise: Hasbro Releases New Wave of Blind Bags
A big surprise this week from Hasbro with the release of a new wave of blind bags! Last year we thought it was game over for the classic blind bag waves with the continuous release of Cutie Mark Crew figures, but this turns out the be just a pause.
This week an images was shared on Instagram showing two well-known blind bag ponies with new cards attached. As far as we can tell the ponies in this wave are all re-releases from earlier transparent lines, like Wave 14, 16 and 17, with one exception: Rainbow Smile. A trademarked name we couldn't find a reference to anywhere else, and judging by the name, color and pose it could be a new name for Rainbowshine.
All figures come with a fully transparent body, no painted mane/tail and no added glitter. Though, there seems to be some color variations from the earlier releases, and we spot usage of the new eye designs from later waves.
The figures were found in Mexico, and we didn't see them at the NY Toy Fair this year or last year. This raises the question whether the new wave (technically #25 if we exclude Best Gift Ever) is a worldwide release, or of this wave will only see specific countries. Still, if that latter is the case, they could still end up in discount stores like the budget EqG dolls.

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MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Amethyst Star Doll
And just like Cheerilee, Amethyst Star will also be featured in the Amazon Prime Day sale today. This doll will probably feature and equal price of $9.99 or less. The sale will be available in 1.5 hour, which will be PST 4:00 PM / EST 7:00 PM / CET 1:00 AM. Amethyst Star will be available for a limited time and limited stock.
Amazon Prime Day is a special day with tons of sales, only available for Amazon Prime members. If you're not a prime member but still interested in the sales you can take a 30-day free trial to get access as well.

MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle 2-packMLP Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Lyra Heartstrings Encore/Neon Doll
It seems like the HasbroToyShop has listed a lot of new items! Several Friendship Games dolls are now available for order. Some people might remember the Neon/Encore Cheerilee, Lyra, Sweetie Drops, Roseluck and Amethyst Star Dolls. Well, you can now also order them at last! Below we have all the doll listings together with the price.

Florina Tart Wave 14 Blind Bag
Well this came quite as a surprise! it seems like Amazon has listed the 14th wave for the Blind Bags already! Only days after we found Wave 13. This wave will feature translucent ponies like Trixie and the Peachy Pie we spotted yesterday. Royal Riff and Amethyst Star are also included. There are also at least 2 chase figures again from the Apple Family. We have Florina Tart who has a complete new mold, and we have Apple Cobbler.

It's unknown who the others in this series are. We hope we can figure it out soon!

Amethyst Star Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls DollCheerilee Rainbow Rocks Equestria Girls Doll
A few days ago ToyWiz has revealed 3 of the 5 news dolls that were listed on Amazon. Only Amethyst Star and Cheerilee were missing until now! Amazon has put the images of both online as well as a more detailed one of the others ones!

No other information is shown but we will inform you when we know something new!

Cutie Mark Magic InsertCutie Mark Magic Hasbro POP Insert
Thanks to Derpyderp910, we now have images of the insert that comes with the newly released Cutie Mark Magic Ponies. As you can see almost all the stuff that we had found earlier is showed on it. (Except the Charm wings brushables and the regular ones) The new Blind Bag Wave is also included on the bottom. As for now I believe this will be the first wave of Cutie Mark Magic Toys as we're missing a lot still like several Fashion Styles.

On the back it features some images of some Hasbro POP Ponies that we had found! Check them all out!

Thanks again to Derpyderp910 for providing the scans!

Equestria Girls Logo

A few weeks ago the Canadian TRU Website has listed some interesting new Equestria Girls Dolls including Cheerilee, Roseluck, Amethyst star and more! (article here) But after some days the listings got completely removed and we never heard of them again. Until now! Apparently Amazon has now listed these dolls as well. There aren't any images available yet and no release date or price is known., but we will keep you all updated when we find more information!

Equestria Girls Logo

Good news for those who are fan of the Equesteia Girls Dolls! The Canadian TRU website has listed some new Rainbow Rocks Basic Dolls, the interesting thing is... we will get a lot of new characters!

As for now we have no images yet but we do have some listings. We will let you know when we find images of them as soon as possible. Right now they are listed for $11.17 Canadian Dollars.

Thanks to Kitty for the heads up!

- Amethyst Star
- Cheerilee
- Lyra
- Roseluck
- Sweetie Drops
- Twilight Sparkle

Product Description:
These pony figures will be a true friend for all your Equestria Girls adventures! They cant wait to enjoy "magical" fun with their very best friend you! Collect all the Equestria Girls ponies! (Each sold separately.)

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Amethyst Star Wave 3 Hasbro POP Starter Kit
Toywiz has officially listed all upcoming wave 2 and wave 3 of the buildable pony Hasbro POP Starter Kits. You were already able to see Amethyst Star, Lyra Heartstrings and Cheerilee on our website, but we've got the detailed images of ALL ponies and packaging of the upcoming figures. There are a few figures that have already been sold, but the newer waves contain different hair pieces and/or stickers. All of these are available for pre-order for $5.99 or $6.99 and will be released in September. It could take a while before these hit physical stores like Target, Walmart and Toys"R"Us, but we'll let you know when the first reports come in!