Wave 12 Twilight Sparkle Factory Error Blind Bags
Today on Taobao these two factory errors popped up of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag. They both have unpainted necklaces and one of them has unpainted wings and crown too. Both of them have some stock on Taobao, indicating that probably a complete blind bag batch suffers from these errors. Due to the amount of errors it's possible that these will start to pop up on eBay too. I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence, but last week we also reported on changed color schema of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag.


  1. Why does twilight sparkle have unpainted wings and an unpainted necklace i hope this doesn't end up in the new wave 12 blind bags.

  2. Not sure why, but I found an Octavia that came in a box set of three that had no cutie mark at all. The rest of her and her cello was fine