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Rainbow Power Cheerilee With Holly Dash Backcard
A most unfortunate packaging error has occurred at Hasbro: A Cheerilee brushable from the Rainbow Power series has been packaged on the cardboard packaging of Holly Dash. Holly Dash is one of the sought after Rainbow Power ponies that never released in the US due to unknown reasons. This error release could have been a printing error in the factory, but it indicates that the Holly Dash backcards were available for release at the time this Cheerilee was produced. Even though the releases are from different waves, they could have been produced at the same time, in the same factory.
We don't know what went wrong exactly, but this error would have been nicer the other way around!
Cheerilee was spotted in Texas, but it's currently unknown if she's the only one with this error.
For more info the these Rainbow Power releases, read our The Holly Dash Mystery blogpost.
Thanks to Helicity for the photo!

Wave 12 Twilight Sparkle Factory Error Blind Bags
Today on Taobao these two factory errors popped up of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag. They both have unpainted necklaces and one of them has unpainted wings and crown too. Both of them have some stock on Taobao, indicating that probably a complete blind bag batch suffers from these errors. Due to the amount of errors it's possible that these will start to pop up on eBay too. I'm not sure whether this is a coincidence, but last week we also reported on changed color schema of the wave 12 Twilight Sparkle blind bag.

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Rainbow Rocks DVD Cover
SHOUT!Factory, producer of the My Little Pony DVDs, has released a product notice for the Rainbow Rocks DVD that was just released.
When the DVD is played from the start the 5th and 6th scene will be played in reverse. The error does not occur when these scenes are started from the 'scene select' menu. They state that the error is only limited to the first DVD run and that digital copies and Blu-Ray discs do not have the error. DVDs that came with the Blu-Ray do have the errors, though.
SHOUT!Factory offers replacement DVDs for owners of error discs and stores should receive replacements soon as well.

Fluttershy Blind Bag Error/Prototype
I returned home this morning and I was greeted by two packages. In one of them was a Sunset Breezie and I was supposed to get a Derpy Blind Bag as well. Turned out I got something completely different and something really interesting...
UPDATE: The Fluttershy blind bag is included in the Ponyville Party Game and is not fake!

As you can see in the top picture I received this interesting Fluttershy Blind Bag figure. She was anything like any blind bag I had ever seen yet. I started to compare her with my Wave 10 Fluttershy and I noticed the following things:

- Her tail is completely unpainted
- Her eyes are placed a bit higher but that can be coincidence
- Her hair color is much lighter and less vibrant then the wave 10 one
- Her glitter is INSIDE the body and not glued one like the regular ones.

Actually the only Blind Bags I remember to have glitter inside of them are the ones that came with those Russian Suprise Eggs. But still it's really strange. She also does have a production code under her hoof. Even though some numbers are worn off the code says 41321 which means she was made on the 12th of May 2014 (guide here)

Photo Finish Error Brushable
We regularly find the craziest things over at Taobao, and this is one of them! Normally the Ponymania Photo Finish has her short, rounded forelock suiting her style in the show, but this brushable is far from that! I suspect that at one point she was rejected from the factory, before her hair would have been cut. The colors of her hair, cutie mark and glasses seem to be in perfect order.

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Through the Mirror Princess Luna Error
Remember the music note Fashion Style Princess Celestia and Luna from the Through the Mirror series? Well today we spotted a factory error on taobao of the Princess Luna brushable. Instead of the dark pink/purple music notes and lines she has no lines at all, white music notes and they are also mirrored! All other parts of her look the same and the glitter is there as well, so the chance of it being a fakie is really slim. I wonder if we will see more if this error in the future on eBay?

4 comments MLP Blind Bag Database
Today we've added a category in the MLP Blind Bag Database for prototype and error blind bags. This new category contains all ponies that are not officially released in any wave or set but has been commonly seen on eBay and/or Taobao. Most of these figures are also in our personal collection. Besides images the database also contains a little description why a certain blind bag is not as they're supposed to be (e.g. missing glitter, wrong cutie mark, etc.). While the ponies currently is not a definite list, the 32 ponies we've currently added are a great start.
If you own or see another prototype or error blind bag, don't hesitate to submit it!

Possible Basic Fun Keychain Prototypes
These prototype keychain figures have appeared on Taobao this week. While these are clearly based on the Basic Fun keychain figures, we have no idea why these recolors appeard on Taobao. Some of the Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash figures have their usual body color, but others have mixed up colors, while keeping their original eyes and cutie mark. Loose figures like these without the actual keychain have been around for a while, they are probably factory rejects. Below you can see the Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash that we own ourselves.
The reason the title says 'possible' is because these could also be fake figures. The amount of figures the Taobao seller has is a bit suspicious, but it's possible that a huge batch of factory rejects has been dumped. With this amount of figures it would only be a question of days before eBay starts reselling these figures.
UPDATE: They've appeared a lot of times on eBay now, they're most probably bootleg!

Rarity Ty Beanie with Red Eyes
Rarity Ty Beanie with Red Eyes
While browsing around Ebay I came across this strange version of the Ty Beanie Rarity... I think she is possessed or something... The seller also showed her with red-eyes in a group pic of a lot he sold. It's unclear if it's just the photo or if the eyes are really red. I decided to order one to find out. Now we just have to wait...

Rarity Ty Beanie with Red Eyes
Rarity Ty Beanie with Red Eyes

Yellow Celestia Blind Bag
Yellow Celestia Blind Bag

I didn't saw this one comming. This error/prototype Celestia has been found on Taobao recently. But what is going on here? There is a very high change she's just a strange protype/error that no one didn't found until now. One way to tell is because of the code wich says she was produced on 23 August 2012 wich is too long ago to be in an official release. She also has the eye design of Princess Luna, and why is she yellow?

Still after the fact that she's just a strange error, she's kinda interesting. 

Yellow Celestia Blind Bag code
Yellow Celestia Blind Bag Code