MLP Merch PollMLP Merch Poll #19 Results
We've already reached poll #20! But before we tell you what the 20th poll is, let's first take a look at last weeks results. We asked you what you were most excited about to see on the UK and/or NY toy fairs, and it's pretty clear what most of you want: New characters! Well with the already releasing Cutie Mark Magic line you don't have to be afraid of that, for example we've already seen or will soon see ponies like Skywishes, Coco Pommel, Diamond Mint and Honey Rays. Of course we hope to see more ponies in releases that we have not even heard of, so surprise us Hasbro! Another popular release is that of the next Equestria Girls line. It's pretty sure that there will be a next EqG movie, and that means: More dolls! The third most anticipated release is that of something completely new. I guess a surprise like the Rainbow Shimmer (snowglobe) ponies would be a good example of that. New bodies, new ponies, new ideas, it's all welcome! Other popular votes are that of the blind bags (especially 13 and 14, which we couldn't confirm yet) and the next series of Cutie Mark Magic merch. Not only does that include completely new releases, I think most people would also enjoy to finally see what the Coco Pommel Fashion Style looks like! All those releases are followed by plushies, which has an average amount of votes, and closes the list of anticipated releases. Stuff that doesn't seem to be popular are exclusive lines, POP ponies and playsets. All probably for obvious reason.

Our next poll is about the release of Wave 12 Blind Bags last week. We found out that not only the codes can be used to identify the bags, but also a transparent plastic window in the back through which you can see the pony. We'd like to know what trick you'll use! You can find the current poll below or in the side bar on the right of the website, or towards the bottom of the page if you're using a smartphone.
And feel free to also leave a comment in this post about why you use that trick!


  1. They actually already confirmed a third EG movie in twitter but the tweet was quickly taken down.

  2. I'll double up and use codes AND the window, if possible, just to be sure. Buying them blind or getting a whole box? Lol. No. Far too expensive to be rebuying the handful I got from the first time around and the ones I don't even want.