My Little Pony Silver Magnet Collection
An Italian company called Image Edizioni has released two lines of MLP magnet blind bags this month called the 'My Little Pony Silver Magnet Collection'. The blind bags contain either a big magnet or 3 smaller magnets based around one pony with a total of 30 magnets. Weirdly enough they released both a Rainbow Power and Cutie Mark Magic line at the same time, but probably there are different magnets in each series. In the promo shot it seems like only the mane 6 is included, but we'd have to see a checklist to be sure.
Image Edizioni seems to be a very Italian-oriented company without many international releases, but you never know (look at Panini for example)! The packs are available for €2.50 each.
Thanks to Tomo and Viktoria for the images!

My Little Pony Silver Magnet Collection Rainbow PowerMy Little Pony Silver Magnet Collection Cutie Mark Magic


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  2. um at us or not?

    1. they seem cool I wanna know too, and where they're found if at the us

    2. So far only Italy. We'll post about it when they are in the US :)

  3. Omg mlp magnets i can't wait to them to come to the us boy looks like Italy has a lot of mlp merchandise to wish i lived in Italy.

  4. Have they entered the USA YET?? It's almost July i NEED THESE IN MY LIFE :)