Story Packs (6 sets)Friendship is Magic Collection Logo
We've found some images and info online from a Hasbro partner confirming the release of special Apple Family sets, which we found 2 weeks ago on Amazon (part 1 / part 2). The sets will probably be released under a new name: Friendship is Magic Collection (see logo above) and 4 type of releases: Story Packs, Story Packs with accessories, Larger Story Packs and the Ultimate Story Pack.
We're still not 100% sure what these are, but I found something interesting. Remember the Red Gala blind bag with new mold we found a few weeks back? Well, the Ultimate Story Pack will contains a Red Gala figure! I personally think that this is not a coincidence and that these sets might finally be playsets for blind bag ponies! We can't know for sure, but it's going to look like it (especially if you look at the prices)!
Below we have a listing of all ponies included in each:

Story Packs (6 sets)
Story Packs (6 sets) $2.99
- Apple Fritter
- Apple Munchies
- Jonagold
- Apple Strudel
- Peachy Sweet
- Flam

Story Packs with accessories (4 sets)
Story Packs with accessories (4 sets) $4.99
- Babs Seed & Apple Bloom
- Applejack (& Bed)
- Sweeth Tooth & Apple Flora
- Big Mac (& Cart)
Larger Story Packs (2 sets)
Larger Story Packs (2 sets) $9.99
- Sweet Apple Cider Stand with Applejack
- Super Speedy Cider Squeeze 6000 with Flim

Ultimate Story Pack (1 set)Ultimate Story Pack (1 set)

Ultimate Story Pack (1 set) $19.99
- Barn with Granny Smith & Red Gala


  1. Wow, so they're doing a whole Apple Family Collection! Let's hope this time Sweet Apple Acres is accurate to the show! And is this going to be blind bags or brushables?

  2. Replies
    1. no they will be blind bag figures because its cheap

    2. darn it why you had to be right...

  3. I hope they are brushible ponies i could use some Apple family brushible ponies sweet ❤

  4. In some ways I wish they were brushables, if only for figures of Granny Smith, Apple Fritter, and the Flim Flam Brothers. But I'd be kinda pissed, too, since I've had customs of Big Mac & Babs Seed made.

  5. gosh I hope they will be avaible in other countries, I did toy hunting in various store and I never saw any of the blind bag minifigure set (cake family, rainbow pony fav set, soaring pegasus...)

  6. Literally my ultimate merch dream come true! I cannot wait to get these. So many new Apples, this is really the year of the Apple Family! :D
    I almost had a custom Babs and Big Mac made, now holding off ultill G4 is over (not that I want it to be though :< )
    Sad no Granny Smith though, but still this is amazing :D

    1. Look at the last set
      Ultimate Story Pack (1 set) $19.99
      - Barn with Granny Smith & Red Gala

  7. Too much want! Hmm… pay the bills or more MLP? Don't make me choose!!!