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Rainbow Shimmer Sale at Five BelowZoom n Go Sale at Five Below
There are currently two more sales going on in the US! Toys"R"Us has a sweet 25% off Equestria Girls dolls, both in their stores and online. (Know that Amazon also has some Equestria Girls deals that might be cheaper).
Another sale is that of Five Below, which has the Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on sale, as well as the Zoom 'n' Go Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. They're all $5 each, which is incredibly cheap, especially for the Rainbow Shimmer Princesses, who are pretty new.
Thanks to Lindsey for the info!

Remember that there is also a sale on MLP Funko Figures: Only today will you get 20% off MLP Funko Vinyls at Entertainment Earth.

Enjoy the sales!

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  1. Just picked up Cutie Mark Magic Skywishes, Rainbow Shimmer Celestia, and Water Cutie Diamond Mint from my Toys "R" Us!