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Crystal Giveaway Has Ended
The Crystal Giveaway in which you could win a rare Rainbow Shimmer Twilight Sparkle figure has officially ended. We've picked the winner, and it's loveboxersartbox, who joined through Tumblr. We've already received the address and will send Twilight Sparkle to you within a few days!

We'd like to thank everyone for joining this giveaway, and we hope you all like to see more of these giveaways in the future. We're already planning two new giveaways, so stay tuned for those. In the mean time you can enjoy our blog with the latest MLP Merch news, and hope to tell you more about our next giveaways once all preparations have finished.

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Rainbow Shimmer Sale at Five BelowZoom n Go Sale at Five Below
There are currently two more sales going on in the US! Toys"R"Us has a sweet 25% off Equestria Girls dolls, both in their stores and online. (Know that Amazon also has some Equestria Girls deals that might be cheaper).
Another sale is that of Five Below, which has the Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia and Princess Luna on sale, as well as the Zoom 'n' Go Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. They're all $5 each, which is incredibly cheap, especially for the Rainbow Shimmer Princesses, who are pretty new.
Thanks to Lindsey for the info!

Remember that there is also a sale on MLP Funko Figures: Only today will you get 20% off MLP Funko Vinyls at Entertainment Earth.

Enjoy the sales!

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia BrushableRainbow Shimmer Princess Luna Brushable
We got quite a few comments and emails about these, so here is just a little reminder: The Rainbow Shimmer Princesses are now available at Target and a few online stores like EntertainmentEarth for around $8.99 each. Target has no online listings yet, but we'll share them with you as soon as they're available.
This is also a good moment to take not of some other releases around the snowglobe ponies:
- The first wave (Celestia and Luna) have also been spotted in the UK.
- The second wave (Cadance and Twilight) are available in The Philippines already.
- 3 More snowglobe ponies (Diamond Mint, Pinkie Pie & Rarity) will be released as Water Cuties.

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in the UK
After Asia and the United States the Rainbow Shimmer princesses are now out in the UK as well. These have been spotted at The Entertainer in Manchester and were available for £8. However, just like the first find in the US, The Entertainer also reported that they weren't officially in their system yet.
Thanks to Matt for the image and info!

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Twilight Sparkle (Snowglobe Pony)
After confirmed finds of wave 1 Rainbow Shimmer princesses in the US and the wave 2 Princess Cadance being found in the Philippines, we can now officially confirm that Princess Twilight Sparkle was released together with Cadance in the Philippines, as you can see on the image above.
We now also know that these are being sold by Toy Kingdom for the price of P569.75 which equals to about $13, more than the expected price of $8.99 in the US.
Right now we can't confirm a release date for the US and Europe on the second wave (or even the first wave in Europe), but I don't expect it to be long when these have already been released in Asia
Thanks to Jason for the info and image!

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Cadance Brushable (Snowglobe Pony)
Just after reporting on the first wave of Rainbow Shimmer Princesses being found at Target, the second wave has already been found in the Philippines! We already knew that Princess Cadance and Princess Twilight Sparkle would form the second wave of Rainbow Shimmer ponies, but I personally had no idea they would be released this quickly! This Princess Cadance was found in a local toystore in the Philippines, but it's unknown if Princess Twilight Sparkle was available as well.
Right now Hasbro is bringing out toys in an incredible speed (same like the 2nd and 3rd wave of POP ponies coming soon) , probably to get everything out before Christmas.
Thanks to Jason for the image and info!

Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia in Packaging (Snowglobe Pony)Rainbow Shimmer Princess Luna in Packaging (Snowglobe Pony)
Today, a lucky person called Mel has found the Rainbow Shimmer Princess Celestia at Target, as seen in this video. While the original release date was set for September, this Target already put some out in the store, with hilarious consequences: Target did not have these listed in their system yet, so a manager had to come up with the price of what he though was correct: $8.99. While this was the price that they settled on, the actual retail price that stores will use could differ from this, however, BigBadToyStore also asks about $9 a piece.
While the find is very cool, most people will probably have to wait until sometime next month, when they are supposed to come out.
Thanks to Mel for the video and info!