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My Little Pony Prime Day Deals (Up to 73% Off)

UPDATE: And Prime Day is over! Hopefully you were able to get ponies at a great discount during the two days. Below discounts are no longer available, but you can always check our G5 Amazon idea list for any discounts during other sales.

It's Prime Day! Amazon's annual sale, just for Prime members, is back with two days of deals across all categories. We already scouted the toys section for My Little Pony deals and found some deals worth mentioning, including G5 sets!

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My Little Pony Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

It's Black Friday again, which means deals in every category imaginable. My Little Pony is no exception, so if you're still looking for certain figures or merch, this is the time to hunt for price drops.

To save you some time, we've collected some of the bigger price drops on Amazon, and crated an easy auto-updated idea list for them. We'll add more products towards Cyber Monday in the same list as more deals become available. Update: several Amazon exclusive My Little Pony sets are on sale and have been added to the the list!

View My Little Pony deals on Amazon >

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Celebrate the 4th of July With Our $14 T-Shirt Sale!
Right now you can find a huge sale over on our MLP Tee Store on TeePublic with t-shirts for $14 and tons of other discounted items! Just for the occasion Ilona added 6 new neon designs of the Mane 6 Cutie Marks, as well as several other designs that have recently been added.
Aside from clothing you can also find wall art, mugs and phone cases in our MLP Tee Store.

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Zulily Launches 3-Day Sale on 240+ MLP Items
It's been a while, but the My Little Pony sale at Zulily is back! For the coming 3 days you'll be able to get up to 45% off official MLP figures, books, clothing and other merch that's available at Zulily.
During this sale some more books and accessories have been added in comparison to the previous stock, so be sure to check out the complete list of items on sale. Below we have some highlights of what we think are interesting additions this time!
Note: If you're from outside the US, make sure you switch the country and currency (in the top-right menu) to US and dollars in order to see all items.

December Sale: MLP T-Shirts Now $14 + Brand New Designs!
During the December sale on TeePublic all shirts are once again down to $14 each, which includes all shirts in our MLP Merch Tee Store! Newly added are synthwave/neon version of the four princesses, Tempest Shadow and Rarity! Also available are prints, mugs, sweaters and much more, most of which is on sale too.

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Zulily Starts 3-Day MLP Sale With 270+ Items
Every once in a while Zulily starts a big sale on My Little Pony items, and we took notice of a new sale that started today. While various items have been around for a while, this current sale introduces some new MLP The Movie books, as well as some new misc. items and G1 retro items too! You can visit the special MLP sale page on their website, or check our picks from the sale below.
Note: If you're from outside the US, make sure you switch the country and currency (in the top-right menu) to US and dollars in order to see all items.

MLP Merch Poll #154MLP Merch Poll #153 Results
Last week we asked you which of the Clip and Go keychain plush you think is the most adorable. And the result is clear as water: Fluttershy aced this competition and got 42% of all the votes. Two ponies shared the second place: Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle scored 55 votes each, and with 10 votes less we see the third, and also final, place for Pinkie Pie.

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BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Overview of My Little Pony Merch
There's plenty of deals around the web on Black Friday, but where to start? We've summed up the places we could find to get great discounts on My Little Pony items and included handy links and coupon codes where applicable. Enjoy!

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: $8 Off Storm King and Grubber Fan Series Statue
Just a quick update to inform you that the My Little Pony the Movie Storm King and Grubber statue from the Guardians of Harmony Fan Series is now on sale at Amazon! Only during Black Friday this statue is available with $8 off, so it's just $21.99 right now.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: All MLP Shirts Now Only $14 (Brand New Designs)
It's nearly Black Friday, which means deals everywhere! TeePublic is happily joining this tradition, and together with them we can offer all t-shirts in our MLP Merch Store for only $14 each! And not only on shirts, but hoodies ($10 off), mugs ($3 off), notebooks ($4 off) and everything else with a print is down in price now.
Talking about prints, just for Black Friday our admin Ilona has designed a whopping 9 new designs, including The Pillars of Equestria, known from the season finale. Whatever your style or favorite character is, there's probably a design that perfectly suits you!

Check the MLP Merch Tee Store for all designs >