Rainbow Power Cheerilee With Holly Dash Backcard
A most unfortunate packaging error has occurred at Hasbro: A Cheerilee brushable from the Rainbow Power series has been packaged on the cardboard packaging of Holly Dash. Holly Dash is one of the sought after Rainbow Power ponies that never released in the US due to unknown reasons. This error release could have been a printing error in the factory, but it indicates that the Holly Dash backcards were available for release at the time this Cheerilee was produced. Even though the releases are from different waves, they could have been produced at the same time, in the same factory.
We don't know what went wrong exactly, but this error would have been nicer the other way around!
Cheerilee was spotted in Texas, but it's currently unknown if she's the only one with this error.
For more info the these Rainbow Power releases, read our The Holly Dash Mystery blogpost.
Thanks to Helicity for the photo!


  1. There's actually one difference in the packaging that I see (I just got a Holly Dash in the mail from the UK today!), it has the "Hub" logo on it! The UK release doesn't have that (because Hub doesn't exist there). I still have hope!!

  2. check ebay time to time some UK sellers have Holly Dash for cheap. I bought 2 ones for 10 $

  3. Wow... still no Holly Dash? That's a bummer. I see a lot of her here.

    Regards from the Philippines!

  4. I had a Fluttershy from the Rainbow power set, who was perfectly fine apart from her boxing saying "Pinkie Pie" on the front. The picture was Fluttershy and the back was normal too.