Wave 12B Blind Bag Twilight Sparkle
It's only a few weeks ago that we first saw the Wave 12A Blind Bags release in the UK, but already has Tesco (and probably Claires too) released the wave 12B set. As usual, this set contains the 12 blind bag figures from wave 12 that were not included in the wave 12A set. In contrast to wave 12A, the wave 12B set actually has another bag style that that of wave 12, which released globally.
Just like the other wave 12 blind bags, these bags still have the code, but also contain a window in the back to see which pony is inside.
We've also added the Wave 12B Blind Bags to the MLP Blind Bag Database.

These are the ponies (and their codes) that are included in the Wave 12B Blind Bag set:
AA - Twilight Sparkle
AB - Lucky Swirl
AC - Fizzy Pop
AD - Minty
AE - Fluttershy
AF - Lemon Heart
AG - Bumblesweet
AH - Sugar Grape
AI - Cherry Spices
AK - Sweetie Blue
AL - Rainbow Dash (Cutie Mark Magic)
AM - Pinkie Pie (Cutie Mark Magic)

Thanks to Victor, Charlotte and LakesGeek for the info!


  1. MINTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. No fair the uk already has wave 12b blind bags already our walmart don't have cutie Mark magic blind bags either just hoping next month will be better lol.