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Transparent Peachy Pie Blind Bag
On eBay these 2 blind bag characters that originate from the Pony Collection Set have been spotted on eBay. The new blind bags are fully transparent and, unlike the Wave 13 Blind Bags, do not have embedded glitter. It's remarkable that new ponies are already being spotted, while official images of Wave 13 have only just been released. For now we have no clue what set these figures will be in, as it could be a hint to Wave 14 or a possible re-design of the Pony Collection Set or other special set.
We hope to find more info on these figures soon or any other blind bags with the same design to get a better feeling of what release they'll see. Stay tuned!
Thanks to VioletCLM for the info!
Transparent Peachy Pie Blind BagTransparent Peachy Pie Blind Bag

Transparent Beachberry Blind BagTransparent Beachberry Blind Bag

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  1. I hope the transparent peachy pie and beach berry blind bags come in wave 14 or wave 15 because they look very fabulous ❤