New Equestria Girls Dolls
Directly with the newly listed Friendship is Magic Collection figures, also a bunch of new Equestria Girls figures have been listed on Amazon! Aside from new Sleepover figures, there will also be a new series called 'Everyday' and some listings for Equestria Girls mini figures!
In total there are two Sleepover dolls listed, weirdly enough with another Twilight Sparkle, 6 Everyday figures, featuring the complete mane 6, and two Equestria Girls mini dolls.

The strange thing about the Equestria Girls mini dolls, is the size of the box. A regular EqG single doll comes in a package sized 2x6x12 inch, but the mini dolls, according to the listings, come in boxes sized 3.2x12x9 inch. This means that the box will be wider and thicker than regular single dolls boxes... not really 'mini' if you'd ask me!
We how to learn more about the mini figures soon, as it's still a total guess what these will look like! We of course spotted some small figures this week, but I don't think those match the described box size!


  1. Hey guys I found flash and twilight in a Canada TRU

  2. Omg very cute mini equestria girls figurines i can't wait!